Cobot has partnered with IronWifi to provide you with a comprehensive Wifi integration. When activated, you can:

  • Control who can go online and work in your space.

  • Track when and how often people visit your space.

  • Automatically use day passes for limited membership plans.

Members and admins use their Cobot logins to access your network and visitors gain access with guest networks that you set up.

How It Works

After you set up the integration between your router and Cobot, members will be asked to log into your wifi network with their Cobot login credentials. They will then be able to access the internet or will see an error code if access is allowed.

  • ex. if they do not have a membership or have no valid time passes

Members who log in are also automatically checked in on Cobot, which means you can see how many people come into your space in the analytics section, under Attendance.

When your members come in the next day, they do not have to log in manually again. Cobot stores their computer's MAC address (a unique number that comes with each device) and recognizes the account, checking them in automatically.

Members can sign in to your wifi with multiple devices and only have one time pass deducted at a time. If you would like to limit the number of devices your member logs in with, we are not able to do this for you, but you may be able to do this via your router or network settings.


Our Radius add-on, which allows you to use almost any router that supports a protocol called RADIUS. For more information, log in to Cobot and go to Setup > Wifi Integration and follow this guide.

What Do I Do If My Coworkers Can't See The Wifi Login Page?

Our wifi login requires the use of the DNS protocol. If a member's computer is using a custom DNS server instead of the Pfsense routers, the login won't work. Try to disable any custom DNS settings on the device.

Another source of problems could be from people trying to go to a page using https. In order to be redirected to the login form, people should visit a site that uses only http, for example,

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