To make a booking you must first populate your Resources. After you have done this, go to Bookings in the left-hand menu.

The booking calendar displays the bookings of the current month.

Bookings can be made in three ways:

  • Space administrators can book resources without selecting a coworker.

  • Space administrators can book a resource for a coworker, who will then either be charged for it on the next invoice or might have some free use as part of their membership plan.

  • Coworkers can book resources themselves, as they have access to the same booking calendar as administrators.

To make a booking, double-click on the day/time you want the booking to start or click on 'New Booking'. In the form that pops up you can select the start and end time, as well as give the booking a title. Optionally, if you are an admin, you can select a coworker for whom the booking has been made. If you do, that coworker will be charged for the booking on their next invoice.

Canceling A Booking

As a space admin, you can cancel any booking at any time. Coworkers can only cancel their own bookings before the period they selected starts.

To cancel a booking, click on it in the booking calendar and then click the Delete link.

Keeping Track Of Bookings

As a space admin, you can see the list of a coworker's recent bookings on their member profile. Click the drop-down menu in the Bookings box, then See Bookings.

General statistics concerning the bookings and the use of your resources can be found under the tab Analyze » Bookings.

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