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If you want us to send emails from your domain on your behalf, e.g. to use members@yourspace.com as the from address for transactional emails, you have to set up an SPF record in your DNS TXT settings. Until you do, Cobot will send emails from info@cobot.me and use your email address for the reply-to field.

Details on setting up SPF can be found here.

This allows email service providers to verify that a mail server is authorized to send email for a domain, which in turn keeps your emails from being marked as spam.

How Does SPF Work?

SPF records are DNS records of type TXT with a special format. For working with our email service provider, you should use the following SPF record:

v=spf1 a mx include:spf.mtasv.net ~all

This record will authorize several different IP addresses to send email for your domain:

  • the result of the A DNS record for your domain

  • the result of the MX DNS record for your domain

  • the IP addresses listed by spf.mtasv.net (which is the service we use to sends emails on your behalf)

Already Using SPF?

If you have an existing SPF record for your domain, you can modify it to authorize Cobot's email service as well. For example, if your domain uses Google Apps for email, you might have an SPF record that looks like this:

v=spf1 a mx include:spf.google.com ~all

To also authorize Cobot to send emails for your domain, you would modify the record to look like this:

v=spf1 a mx include:spf.google.com include:spf.mtasv.net ~all

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