To Set Up Guest Accounts:

1. Go to Setup » Wifi integration.

2. At the bottom of the page, click the link "Add wifi guest accounts".

3. Configure the details as needed:

4. Once done, you can give as many guests as you need Wi-Fi access using the new guest account. By setting an expiration date, they will expire automatically, or you can manually remove them at any time. At the bottom of the page under Setup > Wifi integration, a list of active guest accounts is displayed for you to manage or remove.

To Set Up Group Accounts:

You can manage groups on your Cobot wifi integration by setting up VLANs (virtual networks). This is useful for giving groups of people different download speeds for example.

Instructions on how to set VLANs should be in your wifi router's/access point's manual. You will need to find out what RADIUS attributes your wifi needs in order to assign VLANS. After that, you can set up groups and assign the required attributes on Cobot under Setup » Wifi Integration » Manage Groups.

Next Step

Once you've set up your first Cobot account, here's how you can add a second space.

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