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Cobot is a browser-based tool but our team knows that you and your members might be looking for a desktop app. We have a simple solution to make this possible!

This guide shows you how to use Applicationize online to create a Chrome extension. From there, it can be pinned to a Mac dock or Windows taskbar so that it behaves like a native app.

You can make your extension available for members to install, and provide a How-To with details to aid them. When sharing an extension with your members, always be sure to do a virus scan first.


  • Premium feel for free.

  • Once made, the extension can be shared with members using the same platform (i.e. if made on Windows, the extension can be installed on other Windows machines).


  • Chrome will continue to run in the background when the extension is open.

Create An Extension With Applicationize

  1. Open Chrome and navigate to www.applicationize.me/now.

  2. In the Web App URL field enter the web address of your space’s Cobot dashboard, e.g. your-space.cobot.me.

3. Expand the advanced options underneath the Web App URL field.

4. Click Choose file and upload your desired app icon, e.g. a .png of your space’s logo.

5. In the Override App Title field, provide your app with a name.

6. Leave Override User Agent blank for default.

7. In the Custom App Window Frame Color field, click to select a color from the color-picker or provide a hex color from your space’s branding.

8. Toggle popups and notifications to on, leaving the remaining switches off.

9. Click Generate and Download Chrome Extension. Your download will be a .crx file type.

Install An Extension Created With Applicationize On Windows

1. Open Chrome and, with no additional tabs open, navigate to chrome://extensions and toggle Developer mode to on. Quit and then relaunch your browser for this to take effect.

2. Once Chrome is open again, navigate back to chrome://extensions and drag and drop your downloaded .crx file to install it.

3. You will be presented with a pop-up asking for confirmation. Confirm, and the app icon should be visible among your other installed extensions.

4. Once the app is open, right click the icon and pin it to your Taskbar so it is accessible like a native app.

Install An Extension Created With Applicationize On Mac

1. Open Chrome and, with no additional tabs open, navigate to chrome://extensions. Once there, drag and drop the extension to install it. Approve the following pop-up to finish installation.

2. Open your new app, and right click Options » Keep in Dock so it will be accessible like a native app.

There are a number of other ways to create a desktop app for your space’s dashboard, developed for multiple platforms. Fremium and premium options include Web2Desk, ToDesktop, WebCatalog, and Fluid.

Have you tried an alternative we should know about? Let us know via email so we can update our guide and share.

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