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Select Your Available Payment Methods

The first step is to populate payment methods for your members to choose from. You can add manual payment methods by going to Setup » Automated Payments » Add Payment Method » Add Manual Payment Methods.

You can add automated payment methods, such as credit cards or direct debit by going to Setup » Automated Payments » Add Payment Method and choosing from the list of existing integrations. You can read more on what options are available in our 'Credit Cards & Direct Debit' guide.

What Members See

When a member logs in, they can visit Membership and select their payment method. Their options will depend on what you have activated under your Payment method section. Here are some examples:

Here is what the credit/debit card screen looks like:

You can also add manual payment methods like invoice, or cash. You can add payment notes which the member will see when they choose that option. Here is an example:

Enable The Payment Requirement

You can now enable the payment requirement feature by going to Customize » Features » Payments and click on 'Activate' next to "All members must set up payment method."

Once this setting is activated, new members won't be able to do anything within their member portal until they have added a payment method.

Special Note for Adyen Users

If your space uses Adyen, your members will need to complete an additional verification step.

If you made this payment requirement after members have already signed up, you might want to send them a message.

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