Credit Cards & Direct Debit

We offer coworking spaces the ability to accept credit card and direct debit payments from their coworkers. After your members have entered their credit card or bank account details, payment will run automatically in the background without any action needed from you.

You will need to sign up with a credit card or direct debit payment provider. We support Stripe and greatly recommend using it, if it's available in your country. Stripe is very easy to set up and often the cheapest option.

Other providers we support are in the U.S. and (almost) worldwide and Veritrans in Japan.

For direct debit payments, we work with Gocardless (UK/EU).

Connecting Cobot To A Payment Provider

After you have registered with the payment provider, you can add a new payment method to Cobot by clicking on Setup » Automated Payments, then the "Add Payment Method" button.

Now select the appropriate payment provider from the list and follow the instructions to connect your account with Cobot.

Automatic Invoicing And Payment Collection

When a new coworker signs up for your space, we ask for their credit card (or bank account) details. From then on, Cobot charges the invoiced amount to their credit card/bank account and then sends out an invoice.

Cobot keeps track of credit card payments and updates the payment status of the invoices accordingly.

After a failed payment, the member in question is notified by email and the payment is retried up to three times. If the payment still fails after the third time, your administrators will receive an email notification.


  • You can edit or remove a payment method by going back to Setup » Automated Payments. This will only change or remove the payment method options for NEW members who sign up after you make the change. Existing members will not be affected and will maintain their original payment method. If you would like your existing members to also be changed to a new payment method, please contact us at

  • If you would like to remove an automated payment method, such as Stripe so that existing members who are connected to it are removed, you will need to first remove this under Setup » Automated Payments and then contact us to disconnect your members. Simply removing the payment method will not auto remove the credit card data attached to your members Cobot account.

Turning Off Automatic Invoicing

If you would like to turn off the automatic invoicing feature, you can go to Customize » Features and activate "Invoices must be charged manually."

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PayPal works slightly differently.

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