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We don't automatically revoke access for members that have failed payments because it is possible that the member is still planning on remaining a paying member of your space and missed payment by accident or due to something they can remedy. Cobot leaves the access on by default, and it is up to the spaces do the cancellation themselves, ideally in conversation with their members.

How Can I Revoke Access?

  1. All admins will receive an email when the third payment attempt has failed. The third attempt is the final attempt that Cobot will make automatically.

  2. Cancel their membership by going to the Member Profile » Membership » drop-down menu » Cancel Membership.

  3. Make sure to set the Cancellation Date for today.

How Can I Restore Access?

If your member updates their payment information or pays in another manner:

  1. Go to their open invoice and click either Charge Now or mark the invoice as paid.

  2. Undo the cancellation by going to the Member Profile » Membership » drop-down menu » Undo Cancellation.

  3. Their access will be immediately restored and Cobot will resume billing them as usual.

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