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Admin permissions are helpful if you have people who need access only to specific sections of Cobot, such as front desk staff, interns, or community managers. By limiting permissions, your team can work more efficiently within Cobot.

Check out this guide if you want to know how to add new administrators.

This guide will cover:

Editing Administrator Permissions

You can manage your administrator's permissions or access Cobot under Setup » Administrators » Edit.

You can revoke 'viewing' permissions, hiding the respective sections from that admin. 'Editing' permissions will allow the admin to see that section but prevent them from making changes.


  • All Administrators, by default, will have full 'view' and 'edit' permissions when they are added.

  • When you allow an admin to 'edit' the 'Administrators' permissions, they will be able to turn back on 'view' and 'edit' permissions for themselves for all other categories.

  • Admin permissions also extend to the API. Specific add-ons may not work with some permissions revoked.

  • Revoking certain permission will also hide other pages.

    • For example, if you deselect the "Memberships" view, then the admin will not be able to see anything to do with membership data, such as bookings on the calendar and events calendar.

Available Email Notifications

Cobot emails several notifications to you and other administrators when specific actions occur.

New Member

Sent when a new member signs up via your Signup Page.

Daily email summary of today's member birthdays

Sent when you have members in your space who have a birthday that day. You will receive one email with all member's listed. You will not receive an email on days when there are no birthdays.

Member Connected

Sent when a member connects to their member portal for the first time. Only applicable when the admin manually adds the member and sends a connect email.

Membership Canceled

Sent when a member cancels their membership from their member portal.

Temporary Problem With a Member’s Payment

Sent when the member's payment method fails on the first and second attempts to charge their automated invoice.

Problem With a Member’s Payment

Sent when a members payment permanently fails on an automated invoice, the payment is canceled, their is a pending authentication or any other issue where the invoice will no longer be charged.

Plan Changed

Sent when a member changes their plan from their member portal.

Time Pass Sold

Sent when a Time Pass is purchased by a member on a plan with Time Passes populated.

New Booking

Sent when a new booking on the Booking Calendar is made by a member via their member portal.

Booking Canceled

Sent when a booking is canceled on the Booking Calendar by a member via their member portal.

Booking Updated

Sent when a booking is edited on the Booking Calendar by a member via their member portal.

New External Booking

Sent when a booking is made by a visitor on the External Booking's Public Visitor Portal.

Canceled External Booking

Sent when a booking is canceled by a visitor on the External Booking's Public Visitor Portal.

New Help Desk Issue

Sent when members submit an issue to the Help Desk from their member portal.

If you do not want to receive some, or all of these notifications, edit your profile settings. You can do this by clicking on your account icon in the top right-hand corner of the page » Admin profile settings, or under Setup » Administrators » Edit.

Just de-select the emails you do not wish to receive, click save, and you are all set!

Next Step: Check out your email templates. These are sent automatically to your members; you can customize them under Customize » Emails.

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