You can connect your member/coworker to their profile from the 'Manage' section. This will allow them to access their invoices, update their contact details, interact with other members/coworkers in your space and make reservations on your booking calendar via their own member portal.

  1. Go to Manage » Members and click on the member/coworkers name.

  2. Click on Membership » Connect.

You will have the option to invite the member to connect via email or you can send them a direct link. This option will allow them to connect to their Cobot profile with a password of their choosing.

Or you can Add the user by creating their account and password for them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you add the user in this way, they will not be prompted to accept your spaces Terms & Conditions. They will just receive the membership confirmation email with the Terms & Conditions listed.

If you send them the invite to connect, they will receive an email inviting them to join your space.

When they click on the link, they will be prompted to completed the sign up process and accept your spaces Terms & Conditions.

After this they will receive an additional membership confirmation email with their membership details and a full draft of the Terms & Conditions they agreed to.

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What does the member portal/member view look like to my members/coworkers?

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