Changing Your Member's Email Address

To change their email address, go to the member profile and click on "Edit".

You can only change a member's email address if the membership is not connected to a user account. The reason for this is that once it is connected, their email can be used for multiple spaces, so you would potentially be changing data for another space.

If that email address needs to be changed - your members can do it as described below.

Member Changing Their Own Email/Password.

To have your member change their email address and/or password:

  1. Log in.

  2. Go to their account page. This can be found by selecting 'Email' in the dropdown menu next to their avatar on the top right.

  3. Click on the "Edit" link to reach the edit account page.

  4. To only change their email address, they will need to fill in the new address, leave the password fields blank and press "Update."

  5. To only change their password, they will need to fill in the new password in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields and press "Update."

Member Forgot Their Own Password.

If your member forgot their password, they can set up a new one by using the 'forgot password' link in the top right corner.

This will send them an email with a link to reset their password. If their email still does not work please contact support.

Changing Your Member's Billing Email Address

To change the billing email address associated with a member account:

  1. *Manage » Member » Member Profile.

  2. "Membership Box » dropdown » Edit Contact Details.

  3. Change the billing address.

  4. Press "Update Details."

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