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This guide will walk you through the functions of your Signup Page and plan specific Signup Forms as well as how to embed them onto your website.

Your membership plans will be displayed on your Signup Page, so you should set up your plans before anything else.

In this guide, we will cover:

Signup Page


When you sign up for Cobot, we give you a Signup Page where people can see your plan details and sign up.

The URL for this page is determined by the information you provided in the 'subdomain' field when you registered for your Cobot account. For example, if you entered your-space, your page will be available at your-space.cobot.me.

  • If you have added a Custom Domain, then the URL will mirror that instead of the name you signed up with.

You can find your Signup Page under Customize » Signup Page.


You can add a banner, text (welcome message, etc.), and your preferred plan layout.

If you would like to change the colors to match your branding, go to Customization » Colors. Editing the colors under the 'Member Section' tab will impact your Signup Page and Plan-specific Signup Forms.

Click on 'Preview Signup Page' to see your changes.

From here, people will be able to see your publicly visible plans. These are indicated by the Visibility option in your plan settings under Setup » Plans » Edit Plan » Basic Settings.

Embed Link

Check out this guide for details on how to embed your Signup Page on your website.

Member log in page

You can also embed a log-in page for existing members by adding /login to your Cobot URL.

For example, if your web address is https://your-space.cobot.me, make it https://your-space.cobot.me/login.

Plan Specific Signup Forms


Publicly visible membership plans will show on your Signup Page:

Prospective members can click on 'See Plan Details & Sign Up' and will be redirected to the Signup Form for that specific Plan. The details on this form will mirror the data you entered into the plan settings.

You can also embed the plan specific signup forms directly if you wish to bypass the Signup Page.


The default settings allow you to collect the following data of the prospective member:

  • Email

  • Password (only visible to them)

  • Company Name

  • Name

  • Address

You can add or make certain fields required on your Signup Form by going to Customize » Features » Signup. Here you can activate additional fields, such as 'Show phone on member signup.'

You can also customize other aspects of the member journey in the 'Features' section. For example, check out the 'Payment' section. You will see options to make it so all members must set up a payment method at registration or pay for time passes immediately.

If there is something you would like to accomplish but do not see in the Features section, check our complete list of Feature Switches. Just shoot us a message, and we can turn these on for you.


  • It is not currently possible to add custom fields to the Signup Form. If you would like to collect extra information, populate member questions, gather the. These will populate as a different form after the member complete's the initial registration form. You can then enter that data into 'Custom Fields' in the member's profile.

Embed Link

If you would prefer to bypass the Signup Page and embed a plan directly on your website, check out this guide.

Next Step:

Complete the rest of your account customizations, such as editing email templates or adding a logo. Check out this guide to get started.

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