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Aside from feature you can activate on your own, we also have 'extra' features you can request activated.
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The Features section under Customize » Features will allow you to easily 'Activate' and 'Deactivate' features within your account. These primarily work towards customizing your members' signup journey and interaction with Cobot.

Further to the features, you can activate yourself; we also have many features that we can activate for you. These tend to be a bit tricky or have multiple moving parts, so if you want any of them activated, just let us know!

This guide will cover:

Feature Switches You Can Activate

There are four main sections that you can manage within the Admin portal of Cobot. You can find these under Customize » Features.


These control the fields your members see on your Signup Page.

Address is optional

New members don't have to enter an address. By Default, this is a required field.

Hide address on signup

New members will not see the address field at all.

Show tax id on member signup

Show a tax id field for members when they sign up. The name of this field can be added in your Invoice Settings.

Tax id required on member signup

Makes tax id field required for members when they sign up. You must also have 'Show tax id on member signup' active.

Show phone on member signup

Show's a phone number field for members when they sign up.

Phone required on member signup

Makes the phone number field required for members when they sign up. You must also have 'Show phone on member signup' active.

Company required on member signup

Makes company field required for members when they sign up. By default, they must add either a company or member name to register. When active, only the company name is required.


These control how and when your members pay for their plans/time passes.

Must pay for time passes instantly

Members must have a credit card/bank account on file or set up PayPal in order to buy time day passes. They are charged immediately.

All members must set up payment method

Members are constantly redirected to payment method form until they set one up.

Only members on a plan with a monthly fee must set up a payment method

Members are constantly redirected to payment method form until they set one up.

Don’t charge invoices automatically

Activate if you want to review invoices before you manually charge or record payments. Note: Unless you also turn off Send invoices by email invoices are still sent to members.

Hiding Features

These allow you to hide some features from your members/Signup Page.

Hide booking details from other members

Members cannot see the title and member name of bookings made by other members.

Hide booking calendar from members

Members don't have access to the booking calendar.

Hide prices from public

Hides plans/signup buttons on public page.

Hide help desk from members

Hide help desk issues/guides from members.

Private help desk issues

Future help desk issues are always private and other members can't see them. (This does not apply to already existing issues.)


These stop members from being able to make changes to their plans and more.

Members can't cancel

Makes it so members can't cancel their membership. Shows the message: "Please contact the manager of your coworking space to cancel your membership" instead.

Email us to customize this message.

Members can't change plan

Makes it so members can't change their member plan. Shows the message: "Please contact the manager of your coworking space to change your plan" instead.

Email us to customize this message.

Send birthday emails

Sends automated birthday emails to members with a birthday on that date. The email can be customized under Customize » Emails.

Show a message about COVID-19 cancellation options

Show that you are there for your members during the crisis, and offer them an alternative to cancelling their membership. On their 'Manage Membership' page, they will see a message to contact you for membership pauses or custom discounts. They will see your email and phone number (if added under Space Profile) to contact you.

Feature Switches We Can Activate For You

There are also a number of features that we can activate for you. These will help you further customize how you, other admins and members interact with Cobot.

Just reach out to support@cobot.me to activate any of the following:

Signup Page

  • Auto approve newsletters: Hide the newsletter approval checkbox for new members. All new members signing up will be automatically added to your mailing list (when the MailChimp add-on is active).

    • Currently only available to spaces outside of the EU as it is not GDPR compliant.

  • Hide newsletters checkbox: Hides the newsletter approval checkbox entirely and no new members are auto added to any mailing list.

  • Members can’t sign up: Shows plan on Signup Page, but hides signup buttons.

  • Members can’t request start at: Members can’t request a start date for their membership, it is always the current day.

  • Member name required: Members have to enter their name on signup.

  • Email required in admin portal signup page: Makes the email field required when an admin adds a member under Manage » Members » New Member.

  • Hide plan details on signup page: Hides booking credits, time passes etc.

  • Hide prorated info: Hides info about prorated membership fee and dates on signup form.

  • Show comments on member signup: Show an additional comments text field on signup page for members.

  • Add hCaptcha on signup form: For spaces that experience bot signups, you can request to add a Captcha field to the form. This is supported by hCaptcha.

Member Portal Dashboard & Time Passes

  • Hide language select: Hides the language drop-down in the footer for members. The default language will be the language active in the admin portal.

  • All members can check in: All members, also without time passes in their plans, can check themselves in via their dashboard. The default is only members with time passes can check themselves in.

  • Members can’t check in: Hides checkin/checkout button for all members from their member portal, including those with time passes on their plans.

  • Members on a plan with time passes can’t buy time passes: Hides the time pass purchase form from members with time passes on their plans. Only admins are able to assign passes from the member profile.

  • Members can’t buy single time passes: Only volume discounts. This also disables the ability to buy any passes on sign up. Members will need to complete the sign up process before purchasing passes via their member dashboard.

  • Members select check in time when buying time passes: After buying a time pass members are immediately checked in for the selected time.

  • Don’t pool time passes for teams: Members that are part of a team don’t share their time passes. The default setting is all time passes are pooled when memberships are connected (using the 'Paid for by' feature).

  • Included time passes don't expire: If enabled, unused time passes that are included in the plan do not expire at the end of the billing cycle but remain available indefinitely.

  • Show today's booking list: Shows a list on the member dashboard of all bookings in your space (even those made by other members).

  • Must pay for Time Passes on next invoice: Forces members to pay for Time Passes on their next invoice even when member has automated payment method on file. Default is member can choose between automated payment method or pay on next invoice.

Member Portal Bookings

  • Members can always edit bookings on the booking calendar, even after they have started. The current default does not allow members to edit bookings after they have started.

  • Booking comments visible to all: Members can see the comments on all bookings. The default is only admins can see comments.

  • Hide Events: Hide the event calendar in both your admin and member portals.

Member Portal Membership

  • Members can’t change address: The ability to edit their name & address is removed. Only admins can edit from the member profile in the admin side of Cobot.

  • Members can’t post guides in the Help Desk

Member Portal Community & Help Desk

  • Hide community directory: Hides the community directory in the member section

  • Hide issues: Hides the Issues section on the help desk

Admin Portal Invoicing & Payments

  • Add test payment methods: Allows you to add a test payment method to Cobot (GoCardless only).

  • Don't retry failed payments: Disables retrying failed payments on invoices; fails permanently after first failure. The default is 3 attempts are made before permanently failing.

  • Hide admin invoices: Hides invoices in admin section.

  • Show due date on invoices: Adds due date to invoices.

  • Show sale date on invoices: Adds sale date to invoices (same as issue date).

  • Disable automatic member invoices: Disables periodically generating member invoices. If it's turned on again, no member subscription charges will be brought forward. However, 'one off' charges - like bookings or time passes charges - will appear on the next invoice.

  • Don’t auto generate zero amount invoices: Disables automatically generating an invoices if amount would be zero (items cancel each other out).

  • Don’t charge membership fees: Disables collecting membership fees when invoicing. All other charges still generate an invoice.

  • Can’t delete invoices: Admins cannot delete invoices.

  • Can’t write off invoices: Admins cannot write off invoices.

  • Can’t create invoices in the past: Prevents admins from creating an invoice where 'invoiced_at' is in the past.

  • Can’t edit invoice items: Admins cannot edit invoice items.

  • Can’t edit tax rates: Tax rate fields are read-only and can only be changed via accounting codes.

  • Can’t edit invoice date and number: Admins can’t edit invoice issue date and invoice number (for legal reasons. Mainly applicable to European spaces).

Admin Portal Member Profiles

  • Hide customer numbers: Hides customer numbers on invoices.

  • Can change customer numbers: Admins can edit members’ customer numbers. The default is auto generated member numbers.

  • Can’t delete members: Admins can’t delete members, only cancel them.

Checkin & Scripts

  • Disable mac address checkin: Does not check members in if they are logged in via their mac address.

  • Disable tracking scripts: Remove our google analytics scripts from any page to be GDPR compliant.

  • Disable token checkin: Forces members to check in (captive portal) with their password every time.

Automated emails

  • Don’t send any emails to members: Disables all automated emails under Customize » Emails to members.

  • Don’t email members about payment failure: Disable the emails to members when payment fails.

  • Don’t send confirmation email to member: Disables confirmation email to member after signup, or after admin confirms membership. Admins still receive new member notification email.

Next step: Get to know your automated emails and how to email members.

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