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Before you can add a member, you first need to add Membership Plans. After you have done this, adding members to Cobot is easy. Go to Manage » Members and click on Add Member.

You will see a form where you can fill out the new member's relevant details.

Next, choose a plan from the list and click 'Add Member'. They will now appear under 'Current' on the Member Overview. You can now manage different aspects of their account/membership.

Important To Note Under 'Membership Details':

Start Date

The Start Date is the date you wish the membership to become active and for that person to have access to your space.

If you are connecting the membership to a user account, this is also the date the member will be able to access their member portal. This can be set for a date in the future or for the date in which you are registering them.

First Recurring Invoice Date

The First Recurring Invoice Date is the date you wish to have the members first full invoice generated.

If your member signs up mid-month, October 15th for example, you can set the 'First Recurring Invoice Date' for November 1st and check the 'Send prorated invoice on start date. This will then generate a partial, prorated invoice for October and set the full membership fee to be charged on November 1st.

All future invoices will then be generated on the 1st of each month.

Or, if you want the member to be charged their full amount on the date they sign up, keep the 'Start Date' and the 'First Recurring Invoice Date' the same and uncheck the 'Send prorated invoice on start date' box.

  • If you would like to set it up so a specific day of the month appears in this section by default, you can set the 'default invoice day' under Setup > Invoice Settings. This day will then appear automatically as the next billing cycle in the member form under 'First Recurring Invoice Date.

Importing Members

If you have more than 15 members already (perhaps in another software), we can import your members for you, either from a spreadsheet or your Stripe account.

Importing Members from Stripe

If your members are in Stripe, connect your account to Cobot by going to Setup » Automated Payments » Add Payment Method and then email us at support@cobot.me. If you are using Stripe subscriptions, let us know whether you want us to cancel them during the import as Cobot does not need them.

Importing Members from Another Software

If you would like us to import your members from a CSV or spreadsheet file, the following fields are required:

  • Name of member or company (or both)

  • Plan name as it exists in Cobot

  • Membership start date

  • Date of the first invoice to be issued by Cobot

You can also include any other details to be imported as custom fields, but this is not a requirement.

You can also download our template (required fields are marked with an *). After you have completed it, send it to us at support@cobot.me and we will do the rest!

Test Drive

If you want to take Cobot for a test drive without bothering your members first, you can add them to Cobot without connecting the membership to a user account. We won't send them any emails, and you can still use all of the management features.

Once you decide to grant them access, you can connect the membership to a user account.

If you had us import your member list for you, we can also trigger the connect email to be sent to all members to save you some time.

Adding Non-Members

If you want people to be able to book a room without being members, create a plan without a monthly fee so they can sign up, or use our External Bookings feature.

Adding Members to WiFi, Door Access and Printing Solutions

If you integrate Cobot with other systems to run your space, we can save you a lot of work! Our numerous integrations work by automatically creating accounts for your members the moment they are created in Cobot.

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