You can easily embed your Plans on your website to allow for seamless registration for your members. You have two different options:

  1. Embed your Signup Page directly

  2. Embed your plan URL

    1. This guide will also show you how you can pre-fill fields on your registration form before sending the link to prospective members.

To learn more about your Signup Page and Signup Forms, check out this guide.

Embedding your Signup Page:

When you register for Cobot, you get a Signup Page where people can see an overview of your plans and register as a member.

The URL for this page is determined by the information you provided in the 'subdomain' field when you signed up for your Cobot account. For example, if you entered your-space, your space will be available at

This is the URL that you can embed into your website:

You can customize the Signup Page to match your website's look and feel under Customize » Signup Page. To make that experience even more seamless for your members, you can host Cobot on your own domain and change its colors to match your brand.

After you have done this, click on 'Preview Signup Page' to see how it will look to the public.


  • Only plans that are 'Publicly Visible' in the plan settings will appear on your Signup Page.

  • If you have added a Custom Domain, then the URL will mirror that instead of the name you signed up with.

  • Check out additional Signup Page features under Customize » Features.

Embedding your Plan URL:

If you already have an overview of your Plans on your website and prefer to embed the links to a specific plan directly, this is easy to do. Check out this video on the member journey.

Every time you create a Plan in Cobot, a unique URL is generated. These can be found under Setup » Plans. Click on the copy button next to the URL and add it to an embed button on your website. When a prospective member clicks on it, they will be redirected to the Cobot signup page for that unique plan. This will save you from manually entering in member data when they contact you and will be a seamless transfer from your website to Cobot for the member.

Pro-tip: You can also send these unique plan URLs directly to anyone interested in registering in your space. Perhaps you had an event and collected contact data from leads. Just pop the link to the plan in your email campaign and see how many people register directly!


  • The links are active for all publicly visible and private plans.

  • You can customize what appears on your plan signup forms under Customize » Features.

How to pre-fill member data before sending signup link:

You may already have a method of collecting member data set up on your website, such as an introductory contact form or a physical application form in your space. In that case, you can easily pre-fill some member data on the signup page before sending the link to your prospective member.

For example, someone arrives in your space and would like a tour. You ask them to fill out your guest registration form on paper. They get in touch a week later, saying they would like to signup for a membership. You now email them a link to the plan they want to join.

Here is what a blank signup page looks like without pre-populated data.

As you have collected their information, you can now add that data to the URL of the plan, so they do not need to enter it again. Let's say you have their name, company name, email address, and phone number.

Add these data sets as:


Using actual data, it would look like this:


Copy and paste this sequence to the end of the plan URL.

Click on the link to see how the form looks with pre-populated data:


  • The order you add the data to the URL does not matter.

  • What you can add:

    • Name

    • Email

    • Address

    • Company Name

    • Phone Number (if activated under Customize » Features » Signup)

    • Tax ID

  • You are not able to pre-fill:

    • Password

    • Start Date

    • Privacy Policy check box

    • Terms & Conditions check box

    • Newsletter check box

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