We allow for each member of your space to share a few facts about themselves in the Community Directory; many of our spaces want to take the next step and display a list of their members, as well as their publicly shared information, on their website to demonstrate the wide range of professionals in their space.

The first step is for either you or your member to complete the member's profile in the Community Directory. This can be found in the admin side of your tool under Manage » Community Directory.

If your member is connected to their member portal, then they can do this under their 'Community' tab.

To embed these completed profiles on your website, you can use the 'Member Widget', which can be found under Manage » Community Directory » "Embed Code." Once you've clicked the button, all you need to do is copy the HTML that pops up, go to your website backend, and paste in the code. The code loads the external JavaScript library “Handlebars” (see https://handlebarsjs.com/ for more information) in your page. Handlebars is hosted on the platform Cloudflare. The widget is designed to be easily customized, even by people with little coding experience.

Important Note: only Published member profiles will be available to embed.

Once embedded on your website, it will include a sidebar with the following information from each member (if they filled out those fields):

  1. Name

  2. Photo

  3. Company

  4. About Me (not full bio)

  5. Website

  6. Twitter

  7. Facebook

  8. Instagram

  9. LinkedIn

  10. GitHub

Remember, by adding this to your website, it will take the information (listed above) from your members and make it publicly accessible. You should make sure your coworkers are aware of this. And when you add it in, be aware that the widget was designed as a sidebar, not a full page. Otherwise, you're all good to go!

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