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When new members register for a membership, they are asked to add their basic details (name, email, address, etc.) via your Signup Form. You can add an additional form with a member questionnaire to get to know your members better.

This guide will help you with the following:

Setting Up Your Questions

Go to Setup » Member Questions and add your first question.

Choose which type of question you would like it to be via the dropdown. There are four types of questions to invite various kinds of responses:

  • Questions with a text field (open question)

  • Questions with a file upload (documents, ID copies, etc.)

  • Questions with checkboxes (multiple choice question)

  • Questions with a dropdown menu (single choice question)

There are two additional checkbox options:

  • Checking 'Answers to the question are publicly accessible' makes it to the answers to the question can be retrieved by anyone via our public API.

    • Leave the box unchecked if you want them visible only to you and other admins in your space.

  • By checking 'Required,' members can not save the form unless they enter something in that field. These questions are marked with an asterisk next to the question.

Click 'OK' after you are done and then 'Save Question.' Be sure to do this BEFORE you move on to the next question, or else it will not appear on your list.

Once your first question is populated, you will see a 'Message' field. You can add a friendly greeting or explain why you need these details.

How It Looks to New Members Upon Sign Up

When a new member signs up, they will be presented with your questions AFTER the initial signup form. Here is an example:

If you add additional questions to this form, it will be updated automatically. All existing members are shown the form again the next time they log in to their Member Portal.

Where the Member Answers Are Saved

You can see each member's answers by going to their member profile, clicking the drop-down menu in the Questions box, then 'See Answers'. You can manually edit them by clicking on 'Edit Answers'.

The answers to these questions will also be included on your member csv export.

Deleting Questions & Saved Member Data

When you delete a question under Setup » Member Questions, it is immediately removed from the member questionnaire, and no future members will have it as a question.

It is important to note that the deleted question and its answer will ALSO be removed from your current member's profiles as outlined above. However, the historical data will still be available in your member csv export.

If you want to move the answers to your questions to a more permanent part of the member's profile, you can add custom fields and manually enter them there.

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