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Custom fields let you store additional information on your members. This can be things like their license plate numbers, allergies, or the industry they work in.

This guide will cover:

Setting Up Custom Fields

Go to Setup » Custom Fields » + Add Field. Here you can add any field you like. Keep in mind that your member Signup Form already collects these basic details:

  • Email

  • Company Name

  • Name

  • Address

You can also choose to activate the following additional fields to your Signup Form by going to Customize » Features » Signup:

  • Tax ID

  • Phone Number

Custom Fields in Your Member's Profiles

Once set up, you can add information to a member's profile by going to Manage » Members » Click on the member name » + Custom Fields.

Custom Fields are for internal use only and are NOT visible to your members, either on the Signup Form or in their Member Portal.

If you would like to collect the data at the time of signup, then add them as member questions. You can then manually add the information to the custom fields section of their member profile after they have registered.

Exporting Custom Field data

Once you have custom fields set up, they will automatically appear on tour member csv export. Check out this guide to read more on that.

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