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To customize your invoices, go to Setup » Invoice Settings. Any details you add to this section will appear on the invoices sent to your members or any free-form invoices you create.

This guide will cover what the fields in this section pertain to:

Invoice Sender Address

Add your companies billing details and logo. This will appear at the top of the invoice.

💡PRO TIP: If you also want to add extra information like your companies Tax number, add it to the Address field.

Invoice Format

  • By default, Cobot will start your invoicing sequence at number 1:

The number sequence will keep running accordingly, so the next invoice you create will be invoice 2 and then 3 and so on.

You can get creative and change this format to anything you like. Perhaps you would like your space's name and the year to appear before the invoice number. Here is an example of how that would look:

If you are not starting from number 1, you can begin your invoicing in Cobot with the same sequence you are using in another program. This way, your accounting will be seamless.

Check out the explanation under this field in Cobot for more details on how to do this.

  • You can also add an invoice text. This will appear at the bottom of your invoices, so it is a great place to add a thank you, your email, or your payment terms.

Invoice Settings

Value Tax Field:

  • Add the name of the value tax you are charging your members to this field.

    • For example, 'VAT' in Germany or 'Sales Tax' in the United States. You can set the rate for your tax under Setup » Basic » Payments » Tax Rate.

  • If you have multiple tax rates, such as 'GST' and 'PST' in Canada, please contact support, and we will add this for you. Any additional tax rates will be auto-added to your invoices.

Tax ID for Members Field:

  • This will NOT appear on your invoices as a tax rate. This field is if you would like to collect your Member's tax ID information.

    • For example, in Germany, every individual has a tax identification number called a Steuer-ID. So you would put 'Steuer-ID' in this field.

    • You can choose to have this field appear on your Signup form by activating 'Show tax id on member signup' under Customize » Features » Signup.

    • If provided, this number will be in the Member's profile and appear on their invoices.

Default Invoice Day:

  • This is the day of the month the system will default to when a member registers (either via the Signup Page or manually by you). If you set the value to 1, members are billed on the 1st of each month. Their first invoice will be prorated from the day of joining to the 1st of the following month.

Generate and Send Invoices:

  • By adding a number to this field, Invoices are generated and sent the given no. of days before they are due.

    • For example, if you add a 5 here, all member invoices will be sent 5 days before they are due. They will NOT be charged.

    • When changes are made, like the member canceling a booking they would have otherwise been charged for, the invoice will be automatically updated between the date the invoice preview is sent and the date it is due to be charged. It will NOT send an additional early invoice with the changes.

  • If a member signs up between the early invoice date and the first recurring invoice date, they will not receive an early invoice.

    • For example: if your default invoice date is the 1st and you would like to generate and send invoices 5 days in advance, anyone who signs up less than 5 days before the 1st will not receive an early invoice.

    • Members who do not have an active account, such as those who have registered, but have a start date in the future, will not receive an early invoice. Only members with active memberships will receive one.

By default, members can see their invoices via their member portal. If you would like to hide these, check 'Hide invoices from members'

Members are NOT sent invoices by email unless you indicate you would like this to happen. To do this, check the 'Send invoices by email' box. Once activated, all automatically created invoices, such as those generated on recurring invoicing cycles, will be emailed to your members immediately upon generation.

Pro tip:

Free-Form invoices or invoices raised in advance of the members recurring invoicing date will NOT be automatically emailed to your members. Once created, take the extra step of clicking on 'send.'

Create a New Invoice

You can create invoices for your coworkers at any time by going to Manage » Invoices and clicking the New Invoice button.

See Member Invoices

To see a list of invoices for one individual member, go to their member profile and click Past Invoices in the Invoicing dropdown menu.

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