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Cobot invoices coworkers once a month. By default this happens on the day of the month the coworker signed up, i.e. if they signed up on March 23rd Cobot will generate an invoice every month on the 23rd.

To change this date, go to the coworker's page and click on "Change Renewal Date" in the "MEMBERSHIP" box.

Here you can enter the date the next invoice should be sent. Subsequent invoices will be sent on the same day of the month.

Cobot only processes invoices between the 1st and 28th of the month, so please choose a date within that timeframe. Please note: Changing this date will adjust the day and month of the membership renewal as well as the monthly invoice day. If the member incurs any additional charges (such as booking rooms, printing, etc.) they will be billed on the newly-selected invoice day, even if it is before the chosen month of the membership renewal.

Cobot will not calculate any prorated payments when you move the invoice date, it will just assume the set date to be the next invoice date.

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