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Creating Prorated Invoices By Default

To set prorated invoices by default throughout Cobot, you first need to set up a default invoice day.

  1. Go to Setup » Invoice Settings » Default Invoice Day.

  2. Select the day of the month (1st-28th).

  3. Click Update.

Now, when a member registers and their account is confirmed by an admin, the "Send prorated invoice on start date" box will be checked by default and the "First recurring invoice date" will be set to the upcoming default invoice day.

Admins Creating Prorated Invoices

As an admin, when you add or confirm a new member, you can adjust the prorated invoice settings in the following ways:

When adding a member:

  1. Start date: When the member begins to have access to the space / start their plan.

  2. First recurring invoice date: This will become their monthly billing date (can be reset at any time).

  3. Confirm if Cobot should send a prorated invoice (pay for the time from their start date and the first recurring invoice as a separate fee) by checking or unchecking the box by "Send prorated invoice on start date."

If you selected Send prorated invoice, Cobot will send a prorated invoice to your member. Please note that it may take a few minutes until the prorated invoice is generated by Cobot.

If you unchecked that box, Cobot will give them free access to the space until their first recurring invoice date. Several spaces use this feature to offer a free first day, week or month.

When confirming a member, simply check the box by "Send prorated invoice on start date," then click the Confirm button!

Can Cobot Prorate Mid-Month Or When I Change A Member's Plan?

Not yet, but this is something we are working on. In the meantime, you can use:

Manual Prorating

  1. Go to Member profile » Invoices » Change Invoice Date.

  2. Shift it forward to the first of the next month.

  3. Go to Charges/Credits » Add Charge/Credit.

  4. Put in the prorated amount (you would need to calculate it: plan price divided by days of the month multiplied by days remaining).

  5. If you want, you can use it as a saved service so that the accounting code / name will pre-fill for you as well.

  6. That charge will then be added onto their next monthly invoice on the first of the coming month.

Automated Prorating

Of course, Cobot also can automatically prorate the members first invoice.

  1. Go to Setup » Invoice Settings.

  2. Set the Default Invoice Date as the first (1).

  3. All new members will have their first invoice automatically prorated to the first of the month.

Next Step

Let's go through issuing refunds.

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