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If you would like to change more than one member’s plan at a time, you can do so by going to Manage » Members » Bulk Actions » Bulk Plan Changes.

This is a useful feature if you have made changes to your master plan (under Setup » Plans) and would like to update all existing members on that plan to have the same settings, or, if you would like to move a team of members from one plan to another.

The members who appear in the Bulk Change list will be those from the member list you have selected. So if you click on Current, then your entire member list will appear, but if you choose Canceled, then only your canceled members will appear.

You can also change all members on a specific plan by typing the name of the plan in the search field and then clicking on Bulk Change Plans.

Then, select all members whose plans you would like to change, select the new plan, and choose the date for the plan change to take effect. You can choose to either change the plan on the start of the members' next membership renewal date or change it on a fixed date.

By changing it on the next membership renewal, the member will remain on their current plan until their next membership renewal date. On the members overview page, you will see a little clock next to the member name. When you hover over it, it will show the members upcoming plan.

You can also see this by clicking on the members name » Plan. You can even edit the upcoming plan by clicking on Customize under the new Plan.

By changing the plan on a fixed date, you can choose the day you wish to have the plan change take effect as well as the option to edit the members next billing date. In this way, you can make it so your members plan is changed right away, but they are not billed for the new plan until their existing membership renewal date.

After you click Next you will be able to review the plans you are about to change. Click on Change Plans and you will see your changes within a few minutes. If you do not see the changes, try refreshing your screen.


  1. The plan changes are based on your master plans under Setup » Plans. Make sure these are correct with all the relevant updates/information before you change your members over to a new plan.

  2. When you update a member plan, all existing plan customizations will be lost. They will be moved to the plan as it appears under Setup » Plans. If you need to make customizations to a specific member’s plan, it is a better idea to change their plan individually by going to the specific Member Profile » Plan » Customize or Change Plan.

Check out this guide to learn more about setting up your membership plans.


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