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Custom plans are used when a member needs special changes made to one of your existing plans. For example: a different price, more booking credits, etc.

If you want to grant custom conditions right from the start of the membership, follow the steps below before you confirm the membership. (If you add the member yourself, use the Allow to customize the conditions before confirming the membership option in the Membership form to have it created unconfirmed).

  1. Go to the Member Profile Page (Manage » Members » Click on member’s name).

  2. Go to Plan » Customize Plan.

  3. Now you have their primary plan as a basis for customizing individual features. The changes are only applied to this member.

  4. The customization can be any aspect of the plan such as:

  • Plan price.

  • Billing cycle (like adjusting to quarterly billing at a discount).

  • Quantity of booking credits.

  • Quantity of day passes.

For analytics purposes, the member will be registered under the original plan. A notification that their plan has been customized will also appear in the Activity feed.

If you would like to do a bulk update or bulk plan change for more than one member at a time, follow this guide.

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