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Cobot is a white label product which means you can easily rebrand it to make it mirror your own brands look and feel. In addition to this, Cobot gives you many ways to customize the way your members view and interact with Cobot. These settings can be seen from the admin view by clicking on Customize.

This guide will review:

The Signup Page

When you sign up for Cobot, we give you a Signup Page where your members can see your plan details and sign up. The URL for this page is determined by the information you provided in the 'subdomain' field when you signed up for your Cobot account. For example, if you entered your-space, your space will be available at your-space.cobot.me.

You can add a welcome message to people visiting your Signup Page under the Signup Page section. You can also Preview your edits from this screen. This will open a new tab to show you how your Signup Page will appear to people who are not yet members of the space.

To read more, check out this guide. To learn how to embed your Signup Page and plans into your website, check out this guide.


The Logo section is where you can add your space’s logo. There are two places to add it:

  1. Top Bar Logo: This will show at the top of your admin and member portals. Please use a small square logo. If you have a long, rectangular logo, reformat it to a square; otherwise, it will be cut off on either end. The dimensions of the square Logo can be up to 600×600px.

  2. Invoice Logo: This will show on your invoices when downloaded as a PDF. It will not appear on web-app invoices in the admin or member portals. This can be square, round or rectangular, and the dimensions can be up to 1100x330px.


You can change the colors of both the member and admin view of your Cobot pages by toggling between the two views at the top of the page.

Click on the name of the color you would like to customize and a color picker will pop up. You can even add specific hex color numbers to make sure Cobot is an exact match to your branding. Changes made are shown in the preview on the right so you can see how it all looks together.


To help alleviate the work surrounding frequently sent emails, Cobot sends out various automated emails to your members:

  • Membership Confirmation

  • Payment Failed

  • Payment Permanently Failed

  • Comment on Help Desk Issue

  • Connect Membership to User Account

  • Community Profile Updates/Published/Set to Private

  • External Booking Confirmation

We have created a basic template for each of these, but you do have the option to edit them if you wish. If you decide to edit these, it is important to read the formatting guidelines listed at the top of this section as each section pulls key information from Cobot with simple ”shortcode” programming (listed underneath each box).

For example, the placeholder {{first_name}} will be automatically replaced with the first name of the member receiving this email. If you delete these shortcodes, then this data will not be pulled.


If you already have a website, or if you wish to remove Cobot entirely from your Cobot accounts URL, you can set up a custom domain. For example, instead of http://your-space.cobot.me, you can have something like http://members.your-space.com.

In order to make this work successfully, please read about the required setup steps in our custom domains guide.


JavaScript code entered in this section will be embedded on all your public and member facing pages. Click here to read more about this.


This section will allow you to easily 'Activate' and 'Deactivate' features within Cobot that primarily work towards customizing your members signup journey and interaction with your Cobot account. There are 4 main sections:

  • Signup - Controls the fields your members see on your signup page.

  • Payments - Controls how and when your members pay for their plans/time passes.

  • Hiding Features - allows you to hide some features from your members/Signup Page.

  • Other - Stops members from being able to change or cancel their plans.

Check out this guide for a more complete list.

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