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To download a .csv file containing your member data for active members in the selected month,

1. Go to Manage » Members

2. Click on the CSV icon next to page title

The CSV spreadsheet will be populated with comma-separated value files that can be kept for your records, viewed and sorted in spreadsheet program or imported into a graphic display or analytics program.

Note: Depending on whether you clicked 'Recently Active', 'Current' or 'Cancelled' filters, the data downloaded will only be for that filter. If you would like all of your members, you'd need to download your 'Current', 'Cancelled' and 'Unconfirmed' separately.

Data Visible In The Members Export

The following data will be sorted into the columns of your CSV export

  1. Member informationCompanyFirst & last nameEmailBilling emailAddressPhone number

  2. Plan informationMember since datePlan nameExtrasPrice per monthCurrency

  3. Billing informationStatus (connected to email address)Payment methodCanceled to date (if applicable)Customer numberNext invoice

  4. Member questionsThese are any of the member questions that you created under Setup > Member questions.More details are available here

Next Steps

Here are the other export options:


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