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To download a CSV file containing your member data for active members in the selected month:

1. go to Bookings » Booking Calendar » click on the CSV icon next to the month

Clicking the icon will give you a comma-separated value file that can be kept for your records, viewed and sorted in spreadsheet program or imported into a graphic display or analytics program.

If you want access data from past months, simply choose the tab for the month you would like to access and click the CSV button. If you want a single CSV with all booking data to date, please contact us directly.

Data Visible In The Booking Export

The following data will be sorted into the columns of your .csv export:

  1. Booking information

  2. From

  3. To

  4. Title

  5. Price

  6. Currency

  7. Resource

  8. Member name


  10. Membership ID

Next Step

Here are the other export options:

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