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At the moment, check-in data is only available by requesting it from our team or from our API, where you can get the data by member or for the entire space.

Data Visible In The Check-In Export

The following data will be sorted into the columns of your .csv export:

  • Date/time created

  • Member ID

  • Member name

  • Company

  • Plan

  • Date/time valid_from

  • Date/time valid_until

Date/Time For Valid_until

The date/time that comes into the valid_until will either be:

  1. The check-out time from the Wi-Fi integration, RFID integration or an admin checking them out.

  2. The expiration time of their time pass.

  3. 3:59:59 AM the next morning as a default check-out time. If you would like this time to be different, please contact us at suppport@cobot.me.

Next Step

Here are the other export options:

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