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When using hourly time passes with Cobot, we always recommend using one of our wi-fi integrations, which will ensure that each hourly pass will be booked automatically as soon as your coworkers go online in your space

Setting Up An Hourly Time Pass Plan

  1. Go to Setup » Plans.

  2. Click the Add Plan button

  3. Under Basic Settings, add all the essential data about the plan: the title, description, terms and conditions, etc. In the field by price, set 0/month if you don't want your coworkers to pay a regular fee but have to buy all passes individually (or with a volume discount). Add a monthly fee if you want to offer X number of hours per free per week or month.

  4. Under Time Passes input the name it will display to your members, the price. Most importantly, under Valid for Timespan, put 1h. As mentioned above, you can offer free included hours if the member is paying a regular monthly fee.

💡 Pro Tip: QR Code Day Pass Checkin

If you generate a QR code using the public URL of your newly created plan, you can print it out and hang it - maybe close to where members enter your space - so they can purchase one intermediately on-site when they drop in.

You can find the link below each of your plans:

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