Cobot supports plans that limit the time coworkers can work. As soon as you add Time Passes to a plan, that plan turns from an unlimited (with no time restriction) into a limited plan.

You can create different types of time passes for each plan (for example, hourly passes, full-day passes, half-day passes, etc.) and a number of these passes can be included per week or per month. Once the included passes are used up, members are prompted to buy additional passes.

Cobot offers four different ways to check members in to your space:

  1. Members check themselves in

  2. Admins check members in

  3. Wi-Fi integration

  4. "Members checked in" add-on

You can read more about the specifics of each method here.

Note: With our wifi integration, Cobot automatically begins deducting time from any remaining (and valid) Time Passes once a member checks in. This setting can be disabled on request, resulting in members' wifi access being disabled until they check in with a Time Pass again. Members can override this disabled setting by setting up automatic connection and password remember functions on their specific devices.

To enable time passes, either create a new plan (or edit an existing one) and click on the Time Passes tab, then the Add Time Pass link. It's required to enter a name, a price for a single pass, and the timespan(s) it is valid for. Optionally, you can say how many passes should be included in the plan per week or month, as well as if passes purchased by your members should expire after a certain number of days.

You can add various kinds of time passes by clicking the Add Time Pass link again to repeat this process.

The simplest form is a time pass with a duration (e.g. 1h). This time pass will be valid for one hour from the time of the check-in, so if your coworker gets checked in at 11:35, the pass will be valid until 12:35.

Alternatively, you can use a fixed timespan (e.g. 8-12). This means that no matter what time a coworker checks in between 08:00 and 12:00, the time pass will only be valid until 12:00. The coworker cannot check in outside of that time frame.

You can also enter multiple timespans, like 8-12 and 14-18 (Cobot understands both AM/PM time settings as well as the 24-hour clock). This means the coworker can use this time pass either between 08:00 and 12:00 or between 14:00 and 18:00 (or 2pm-6pm). If someone checks in in the morning and wants to check in again in the afternoon, two time passes will be used.

Each plan can have multiple types of time passes, such as a half day pass, which is only valid from 8am to 2pm or 2pm to 8pm, and a full day pass, which is valid from 8am to 8pm.

Important Note: Free Time Passes populated on your member plans will NOT accrue/roll-over to the next month. Any unused passes will be deleted and new ones populated on a weekly or monthly basis.

However, an admin can assign free time passes to give a member the passes they didn't use in the period before the membership renewed. Passes assigned this way do NOT expire.

When setting up plans, it's possible to indicate an expiration date for time passes (under the Time Passes tab). For example, if you set 30 days, time passes will expire 30 days after their date of purchase. If the field is left is blank, time passes will not expire.

If you would like us to turn this feature off so all free, unused passes remain on your members account, just let us know!

Time Pass Discounts

You can also give discounts for each type of time pass. For example, if a coworker buys 10 passes at once, they cost less than they normally would. You can set multiple types of discounts, ie. 5 passes for $100, 10 passes for $180, etc.

When a coworker who uses a plan with time passes logs in to Cobot, they sees a section called Time Passes, which shows the the number of time passes they have left:

If PayPal (see our guide on setting up PayPal), credit cards or invoicing are enabled, your coworkers see a Buy Time Passes button, which allows them to do so. With PayPal and credit cards, payment for time passes is sent immediately to your PayPal/merchant account. With invoicing, the time passes appear on the user's next invoice.

When the member checks in using the Check in button, a time pass is used automatically. When no more time passes are left, they cannot check in and are prompted to buy more.

As the administrator of the space, you have access to the same information after clicking on the coworker's name on the coworkers page, where you can also check them in.

Assign Time Passes As Admin

In addition, you can assign time passes to a coworker. To do so, go to their member profile, click on the three dots by Time Passes to open the menu, and then click on Assign Time Passes.

There are three options to charge for time passes you assign:

  1. Charge - the coworker will be charged with the next invoice.

  2. Don't Charge - the time passes won't appear on any invoice.

  3. Already Paid - the time passes will appear on the next invoice, but will be marked as paid (hence the payable amount will be zero).

Delete Time Passes And Time Pass Purchases As Admin

You can delete time passes from a member's account as well as delete time pass purchases from the member's next invoice.

To delete time passes, go to the member profile, click on the three dots by Time Passes to open the menu, and then click on Delete Time Passes. Enter the number of time passes you want to delete, then click Delete Time Passes. If you are deleting the time pass because you don't want the member to be charged for it, you will need to delete the time pass purchase.

To remove time pass purchases from an upcoming invoice, click on the three dots by Time Passes, and then click Recent Purchases. Click Remove next to the time pass purchase you wish to delete from the upcoming invoice. Once you delete a time pass purchase, the time passes will be removed from the member's account as well.

Time Pass Proration

Time Passes are prorated when the member starts on a plan mid billing cycle. We apply the same logic that we do to the plan fee to the time passes.

This means if 1/3 of the month has already passed, your members will pay 2/3 of the monthly fee on their prorated invoice and be assigned 2/3 of the time passes by Cobot.

If you would like your member to have access to all of their time passes regardless of when they start, you can manually add passes to their account by going to their Member Profile » Time Passes » Assign Time Passes. Be sure to mark them as 'Don't Charge' so they are not added to their next invoice.

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