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Kisi’s cloud infrastructure lets you manage your access control solution remotely from anywhere.

Here is an easy, step-by-step guide on how to connect Cobot to your Kisi account.

STEP 1: Set Up Your Plans and Add Members in Cobot

Cobot is not currently compatible with Kisi 2.0 - Organizations platform. If you have this version, please reach out to Kisi and ask them to change your account to the Standard model. We are working to phase in this version in the coming months.

As you will connect your members to Kisi from Cobot, you need to first create plans and add your members to Cobot first. Think about which plans in Cobot should be associated with locks in Kisi.

Pro tip: Make a list of all plans and their access rights before setting up your Kisi account to make the process easier.

  • For example, You may wish to give 'Drop In' members access to the front door, Monday to Friday, but 'Full Time' members access to all doors in your space 24/7. These are defined as GROUPS in Kisi.

STEP 2: Set Up Your Kisi Account

Before connecting your accounts, you need to have the following set up in your Kisi account:

  • At least one "Place" (this is the name you give your property in Kisi)

  • Physical Locks installed on your doors (set up by the Kisi team)

  • At least one default access Group

    • Groups allow you to set up restrictions based on doors, times, or days of the week. These should match your Cobot plan names where applicable.

If you are unsure how to do any of the above, please reach out to Kisi support from your Kisi dashboard.

STEP 3: Connect Cobot to Kisi

Once you have done the above, you can now connect your two accounts:

1. Log in to the Admin side of your Cobot account

2. Click on Add-ons » Available Add-ons » Kisi » Get Started

3. Log into your Kisi account » click on the menu » My Account » API » Add API key

4. Copy and paste that API Key back in the Cobot integration screen

5. Select your Place from the dropdown » Connect

6. Select your default access group and choose wether to connect all members right away or leave the box unchecked and connect them manually later.

  • If you choose to connect your member right away, they will receive an email from Kisi. You can see the registration email in your Kisi account.

7. You can then customize further access by group type.

Member Interaction

Once your integration is up and running, new members are only added to Kisi once their membership is confirmed in Cobot. This is to ensure people who's memberships have not yet been activated will not be able to access your space before that time.

To confirm your member, go to Manage » Members » Click on 'Confirm/Reject' next to the member name.

Once you confirm them, they will be auto added to Kisi and their registration email sent.

How Can I See if a Member Was Invited to My Spaces Kisi Place?

You can confirm this in your Kisi account by clicking on your Place » the Group they should be assigned to » look for their name under 'Users.'

If they are there, and showing as pending, the integration is functioning correctly. You can ask the member to check at that date/time for the registration email.

Visitor or non-member access

Kisi allows you to send an "Access Link" to an individual email address without that person needing to be added to Cobot or Kisi. The Access Links can have a "Valid From" and "Valid To" date, populated directly in your Kisi dashboard.

When sent, the visitor will click a link in the email, and it takes them to a web app where they can unlock your door.

Check-in and Check-out Reports:

Member check-ins and check-outs are tracked and can be seen in both Kisi and Cobot.

  • You can see these reflected in Cobot in your admin dashboard under Analyze > Attendance, as well as the individual member profile under 'Past check-ins.'

  • You can see them reflected in your Kisi dashboard under 'Event History' and 'Reports.'

Disabling the Integration

If your members are canceled in Cobot, they lose all Kisi access. You can add them back directly to Kisi should you wish to give them access.

You can also remove the groups associated with your Cobot plans in Kisi, which will "break" the sync so no new members can be added.

If you wish to edit or change members' access to your space, you will need to do this now directly within your Kisi dashboard (by moving them to different groups or manually editing individual access rights).

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