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ROOMZ offers powerful and simple features to help you optimize the use of your shared spaces through meeting room display's, sensor's, and interactive floor maps.

1. How the Integration Works

  • Members book rooms as they normally do (while logged in to Cobot) from the browser on their mobile device/phone, laptop etc.

  • ROOMZ takes these bookings from the appropriate Cobot calendar and displays them on various displays such as:

    • a tablet mounted outside the room

    • a digital floor plan viewable through a browser

    • larges, onsite signage (sold separately) showing an 'airport view'

  • The floor plan view shows red/green indicators based on rooms booked or room sensors and tablets sold by ROOMZ or from one of ROOMZ’ resellers.

One of the benefits is their tablets and sensors are not hardwired in, but modular and can be easily moved from location to location.


Members currently can't book a meeting (from the tablet) connected to their Cobot account, Booking Credits or Booking Passes.

However, Admins do have the option to allow members to (anonymously) walk up and live book on tablets. Admins can also make tablets 'view-only' from the ROOMZ Dashboard.

2. Connecting your Resources

  1. First, you need to create a ROOMZ Access Token using this guide.

  2. When it says “First of all, you need to prepare your booking system,” that means you should have a Cobot account and some resources ready.

  3. Under Setup » Booking Systems, click '+ ADD BOOKING SYSTEM.' In the drop down that appears, scroll until Cobot is visible and click.

5. In the modal that appears, provide a name for the system you are adding, e.g. 'Cobot.'

  • Provide the URL of the space you want to connect, e.g. https://your-space.cobot.me/.

  • Paste the access token in the Access Token field.

  • Click 'Save.'

6. Now that you have added Cobot as a booking system, click through anywhere on the line item » 'FETCH RESOURCES.'

7. In the modal that appears, you have the option to use the names of your resources as they are in Cobot by toggling Overwrite, or you can give your resources unique names in ROOMZ by clicking 'Keep'.

To keep things familiar for your members, we recommend using the Overwrite toggle. Once you’ve made your selection, click 'FETCH RESOURCES.'

8. If you are unable to fetch resources, you’ll need to '+ ADD RESOURCE' and manually provide the name and ID of each resource.

The ID corresponds the Cobot URL slug of that resource:

9. Once you’ve added your resources, click 'TEST ALL' in your ROOMZ portal.

10. If all of your resources are connected successfully, they will each have a green circle in their row.

11. Follow the 4 - Device Registration guide from ROOMZ to connect your devices.

Useful videos can also be found on the ROOMZ YouTube channel.

12. Once you’ve registered you devices, proceed with guide 5 - Connection to the Wi-Fi to get all your devices connected.

Part 3: Adding Your Floor-plan

  1. To add a floor-plan, you first need to set up your workspace. To do this, refer to the guide 6 - Workspace creation and device allocation for ROOMZ.

    1. Navigate to My Organization and click “+ ADD BUILDING”

    2. Provide the name of your building and click the check mark or press enter.

    3. The building you added should now be visible in the secondary navigation.

2. Click through, and click the 'Details' button on the top navigation.

It is imperative that the language you see in ROOMZ matches the default language of your Cobot account. If it does not, click 'Edit' and update the language and any other details, like address, so they accurately represent your organization and the details you’ve added to Cobot.

3. Once the details of your building are correct, toggle back over to 'Floors' and click to '+ ADD FLOOR.'

Provide the level and a name for your floor, and click the check mark or press enter.

4. Your newly added floor should now be visible as a button. Click through and then click the button '+ ADD WORKSPACE.'

Once you do, you can choose a Type, and Name for your workspace. Enter your details, and click the check mark or press enter.

5. Clicking the workspace you’ve just entered will summon a side-panel you can use to associate what you just created with a Resource from Cobot. You can provide a description and capacity here too. The description will be visible to members.

6. Next, still in the side panel, click the 'Devices' button.

Add or choose the serial number of the device you want to associate with the workspace. Refer to this ROOMZ guide for more.

7. Once all of your workspaces have been added, it’s time to map them to your floor-plan. Click the 'Plan' button in the top navigation.

Once you upload your floor-plan file, you will see it inside the Workspace Manager. From here, you can click to choose a resource type—Room, Desk, or Huddle according to your subscriptions—and draw correspondences onto your plan.

Each time you draw a workspace onto your floor-plan, you’ll be able to choose the corresponding resource you’ve added.

You’ve now successfully added your Cobot booking system and resources to you ROOMZ account. Nicely done!

You can finish setting up your ROOMZ account and creating your desired visualizations with the help of ROOMZ’ guides. We recommend picking up here.

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