We have partnered with Tapkey to help you manage access to your space. You can decide which memberships have access to which doors with a few simple steps. Both you and your members can easily access your locks with your mobile devices.

STEP 1: Sign up with Tapkey

  1. You will need to have an existing account with your doors and locks set up in your space before connecting with Cobot. Get in touch with them here.

  2. Set up and define your specific access points in Tapkey. This is where you will want to add any limitations that certain membership types will have.

  • For example, You may wish to give drop-in members access to just the front door, Monday to Friday, but full-time members access to all doors in your space 24/7.

STEP 2: Connect Tapkey to Cobot

Log into your Cobot account and follow these steps:

1. Set up Extras in your member plans under Setup » Plans » Edit » Extras. Create one Extra per Lock and name them the same as the lock in Tapkey. These will act as your locking groups. Locking groups can be managed in Tapkey. You only need to add locks that members on that plan should have access to.

2. Go to Add-ons » Tapkey » Get Started and follow the access permission steps. You will be asked to log in to your Tapkey account.

3. Once connected, you will be redirected to your Tapkey dashboard in Cobot (Setup » Tapkey). Go down the list and configure access between the plan Extra's to the correct locks in Tapkey.


  • If a lock is configured in Cobot, they are given 'Access rights,' and your member can access that lock. It is a YES or NO function.

  • You cannot connect locks to your booking calendar and thereby limit member access to dates and times when bookings occur.

  • You can manually manage days of the week/times of day specific members can access your space in your Tapkey dashboard. Reach out to Eduard at Tapkey if you have any questions on setup.

STEP 3: Informing your members

No automated email is sent to your members from Tapkey when they connect to Cobot. You will need to either add the connect info to your membership confirmation email within Cobot or send them an email directly from your Tapkey account.

  • Tapkey supports mobile access. Your members can download the app and log in using the same email that they registered with Cobot to receive the correct access rights.

Changing or Revoking members' access

  • For individuals: change their plan to one that doesn't include any access-granting Extras.

  • For groups or locks in general: deselect your Extras' lock connections as established through Setup » Tapkey.

Important Note: Changing an Extras' permissions will immediately apply the new access rights to all members with that Extra in their plan.

  • Remove the Tapkey Add-on: by removing the integration, all-access grants for all smartphone users in your Tapkey locking system will be deleted (also grants that were not issued by this add-on). All configurations will be lost, so think carefully before taking this step.

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