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To cancel a member:

  1. Go to Manage » Members » Click on member name.

  2. Click on the drop-down menu by Membership » Cancel Membership.You will have the option to set a future cancellation date as well as the option to delete all of the member's bookings on the calendar after their membership is canceled.

To delete a member:

  1. Follow the same steps as canceling a member, but choose 'Delete Member' instead.

  2. Deleting a member will remove them entirely and permanently from Cobot and will also remove them from your analytics. As such, we only recommended you do this in case of duplication or otherwise incorrect members who have never actually used your space, such as test members. Invoices Associated with the deleted member will not be removed.

Important to note:

  • If the cancellation occurs in the middle of their next payment cycle, Cobot will prorate the future invoice.

  • If the member has already paid at the beginning of the month when the cancellation occurs, Cobot will not automatically issue a refund. You will need to do that manually by following our guide on refunds.

  • Deleting a member will not delete any existing invoices. You will need to do this manually.

  • 12am is the 'cutoff' point for what is considered a 24 hour 'day' in Cobot. i.e. if a member cancels at 8:32am on July 30th, the cancellation does not apply until at least 12am the following day (August 1st).

Undoing A Cancellation

Canceled a member too early? Incorrect cancellation date? Is a member coming back to your space after a six-month pause?

  1. Go to Manage » Members » Click on tab marked 'Canceled' » Click on member name.

  2. Once in the member profile, go to Membership » Change Cancellation Date or Undo Cancellation.

  3. Change Cancellation Date will allow you to edit the date.

  4. Undo Cancellation will reactivate the member on their most recent plan from either the last invoiced date or the date that the cancellation was undone.

  5. Once the member is active again you will then be able to change their plan or billing date from within their member profile.

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