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There are two ways to do this, depending on how you want the member to be billed. - You can adjust the plan to be billed in a 12-month cycle.

- You can add a monthly extra which will show up on their invoice every 12 months; otherwise, they are billed monthly.

Option 1 - Annual Membership

  1. Go to Setup » Plans » Add Plan » Basic Settings.

  2. Under the price, choose $X every 12 months.

3. If they purchase Time Passes, those will still come to them as a separate monthly invoice, or an immediate invoice, if you have activated the feature to charge your members for time passes immediately. You can find this under Customize » Features » Payments.

Option 2 - Additional Membership Fee Every 12 Months

This is useful if you would like the membership fee to appear as a separate line item, independent of the plan. For example, if the member is paying an annual membership fee of $150 in addition to their monthly membership fee.

  1. Go to Setup » Plan » Add Plan.

  2. Create the monthly plan as usual.

  3. Under Extras, add the annual membership fee for $X / 12 months. They will pay it right away, up front (even if they cancel during the 12 months) and then Cobot will charge them again only after 12 months have passed.

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