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The member portal is where your members can access their invoices, update contact details, interact with other members, make bookings, and more.

If you would like to provide a guide to your members so they can familiarize themselves with the Member Portal and how to use it, check out this guide.

This guide will cover:

Giving Members Access

There are two ways for your members to access their member portal:

  1. They register themselves using your Signup Page.

    1. If you have 'New members have to be approved' active in the plan settings, members will only have access once you confirm them.

    2. If you do not have 'New members have to be approved' active in the plan settings, members will have access immediately.

  2. You add them as a member and manually connect them by sending a connect request.

Giving Admins Access to Their Member View

The best and easiest way to see how the member view will look to your members is to add yourself as a member. Check out this guide for details on how to do this.

Once connected, you will be able to toggle back and forth between both the admin and member views in the top right of your screen.

Now, anytime you make changes, such as editing brand colors or adding a welcome message, you can see how they will look to your members.

Member Portal Overview


The Dashboard is what your members first see when they login to their account. They will see:

  • A snapshot of their community bio.

  • Their plan name, invoice preview, and any unpaid invoices.

  • Welcome message and any messages sent from admins.

  • Upcoming bookings.

On the left of the screen is their navigation menu, where several core feature tabs are available. These include:

  • Bookings

  • Community

  • Events

  • Help Desk

  • Membership

Bookings Tab

Here your members will see:

  1. An overview of their past and upcoming bookings.

  2. A portal to create a booking; all prices are reflective of the members plan settings.

3. Daily, weekly or monthly calendar view with optional category toggles.

You can hide certain resources per member so they are unable to create bookings. To do this, check out this guide.

Community Tab

The Community section allows your members to add information about themselves and see who else is in your space.

Members can edit their Community Card by clicking on 'Edit' from their dashboard or by going to Community » View Profile » Edit.

Members Community Cards are 'Private' by default, meaning only they and admins of the space can see the information added.

Members can 'Publish' their profiles, making it visible to other members in your space from their dashboard or their profile in the Community tab.

Admins can also 'Publish' their member's profiles from the Community section in the admin dashboard under Manage » Community Directory.


  • Due to GDPR, any member profiles published by an admin will result in an email notification sent to the member. It is not possible to disable these notifications. However, you can edit the content of the email under Customize » Emails.

  • You can also embed your published member profiles outside of Cobot. Check out this guide on how to do this.

So, what info can your members add?

  • Profile photos. Send your member this guide if they are having issues.

  • A bio (max 180 characters).

    • Anything they add here will be searchable by other members in the space, so prompt them to add keywords about what kind of business they have or services they offer.

  • Pronouns

    • If filled in, the pronouns will be displayed next to their name on community profiles and on the membership pages that admins see.

    • Administrators can also set their pronouns in their profiles via the admin portal.

  • Location

  • Company Name

  • Birthday

    • The member will automatically receive a "Happy Birthday" email when a birthday is added. Check out this guide to learn how to manage these emails.

  • Website

  • Email

    • It can be a different email than the one they signed up with.

    • To edit their signup email, they need to do so via their account page.

  • Phone Number

    • It can be a different phone number than the one they signed up with.

    • To edit their signup phone number, they need to do so via their account page.

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • GitHub

  • Copass


  • It is not currently possible to add additional fields. Contact us with your request, and we will add it to our feature request list.

  • All fields are optional. It is not possible to make any of them required.

Events Tab

In addition to your Booking Calendar, Cobot also gives you a separate Events page so you can manage your Space's events from start to finish.

Members will be able to attend events only. They are not able to create events. They can filter by Event type, upcoming or past events and see a calendar overview.

Any events with a ticket price will be automatically added to their next invoice. For more details on Events and how they work, check out this guide.

Help Desk Tab

The help desk is your communication center to your coworkers/members. It allows you to do two things: publish How-To's and respond to support issues.

From this section, members can read your How-To's and submit issues. To read more on setting up the Help Desk, refer to this guide.

Membership Tab

This section gives your members an overview of their billing details & payment method, membership plan and invoices (both past invoices and their next invoice preview).

Hiding Core Features/Tabs

You can hide some of the navigation tabs and overview details visible to your members. It is not possible to hide the Dashboard, but you can do the following:

Under Customize » Features, you can:

  • Hide the Booking Calendar

  • Hide the Help Desk

    • Make Help Desk issues private by default

  • Make it so members can't cancel their membership

  • Make it so members can't change their membership

Upon request, we can hide:

  • The Events Tab

  • The Community Tab

  • Make it so members can't change their billing address

  • Make it so members can't post How-To's in your Help Desk

  • Hide the issues section on the Help Desk

Within their member profile, you can hide:

  • Certain resources so they are unable to create bookings. To do this, check out this guide.

Activating Additional Features/Tabs

Under Customize » Features, you can:

  • Show a message about COVID-19 cancellation options, prompting your members to reach out before canceling their membership. This is visible to your members when they go to their Membership Tab » Manage Membership.

You can activate an additional COVID-19 opening status message that will remain at the top of your member's Dashboard, letting them know if your space is currently open, temporarily closed, or operating with restrictions.

To read more on this and to set it up, head over to Setup » Basic » Profile.

What's next? Check out other feature switches that allow you to customize your member's registration journey and more!

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