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Your Space Settings are where you will set up important information to help you get started. This guide will cover:

  • Basic Settings - change the name of your space, country, time zone, and email address you use for outgoing member communication.

  • Payments - edit your spaces tax rate, enable multiple currencies, and how you want your prices shown.

  • Profile - show your opening status, contact info, and social media links to your members.

  • Terms & Conditions - add the T&C's that you would like all new members signing up to accept when registering for a plan.

To get started, log into the admin side of your Cobot account and click on Setup » Basic.

Basic Settings

Here you can change the name of your space, country, and time zone.

  • You can change the name of your space but not your subdomain, as this is what your space is hosted under. You can create a custom subdomain by following this guide and adding your new subdomain under Customize » Domain.

The default language you choose is the language your members see in their member portals. They can choose a different language from the language select dropdown should they wish to see Cobot in another language.

  • The default language only applies to the core product. If you have added text in the plan or resource descriptions, these will only appear in the language you have added. If you wish to have two languages shown, you must add the text in both languages.

In the email address field, add the email that you would like your outgoing member communication to be delivered from. Emails to members from any Cobot functions, such as automated emails, manual messages, and invoices, are also sent from this address and will be what members reply to.


In the 'Tax Rate' field, add the standard tax rate in your region. Any rate here will be applied to everything where a price is added, such as membership plans, monthly extras, one-time charges, etc.

If you wish to apply different tax rates, say 10% for plans and resources but 7% for service charges, then Enable 'Custom Tax Rates.'

  • You will see an additional tax field wherever a price can be added when enabled. You will need to manually edit the taxes throughout Cobot; otherwise, the primary tax rate will be applied by default.

  • If you leave the primary tax rate field blank, no taxes will be added.

Enabling 'Multiple currencies' will allow you to apply different currencies for resources, plans, and charges. You will see a dropdown with all currencies listed wherever you add a price.

Note: your default currency is set to the country from which you signed up your Cobot space. To change the currency, simply change your country under Setup » Basic » Basic Settings.

The 'Net' and 'Gross' toggle buttons will display your prices with or without tax in the admin portal, member portal, and Signup Page.

  • If 'Net' is selected and you have taxes applied, the tax will be visible when you hover over a price.

  • If 'Gross' is selected and you have taxes applied, the tax will be included in the price.


This section lets your members know if your space is currently open, temporarily closed, or operating with restrictions during the COVID-19 crisis. This information will be displayed on your members’ dashboard when they log in.

Your space’s status is also available via our API to synchronize with other services.

If you want to remove the status, move the drop-down menu back to blank. This will hide all of the details populated in this section.

Terms & Conditions

Here you can add your spaces Terms & Conditions for your members. When added to this section, they will be applied across all plans as the default T&C's. Your members will be prompted to accept these when they sign up.

  • When you need to make changes to your Terms & Conditions, edit them here and update them across all of your active members. Doing this will prompt your member to reaccept the next time they log in to their Cobot member portal. This is what they will see:

If you wish to create custom Terms & Conditions for your member plans, you can do so in your plan setup's 'Basic Settings' section. When added to the plan set up, they will override the Terms posted in this section.

💡 Pro tip: Internal Chat/Extra Menu Links

While Cobot doesn't have a 'chat' function built in, you can easily request that we add a link in your member portal to another location. 'SLACK CHAT' and 'STORE' are examples below:

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