External bookings help you to optimize your space’s capacity by allowing non-members to book resources. You can find the External Bookings Feature under Bookings » External Bookings:

Activating A Resource For External Bookings

To offer external bookings, activate your resources individually in the list provided.

This will generate a link to a booking form which you can add to your website or share directly with anyone who wants to book your resource.


  • An additional monthly fee will be applied to your Cobot invoice once you activate External Bookings. Pricing for External Bookings is tied to your space’s subscription – just like your Cobot subscription, it grows with your member count.

Your External Booking Web Page

The link that is generated will lead to a web page that shows the name, photo, price and description of the resource along with available booking times. The form will allow non-members to book the resource and will also require them to enter in their billing/invoice details.

Adding Discounts

You can also add discounts to each resource. Just select the amount of hours and the price.

Charging Non-Members

Once a non-member creates a booking using the external resource you will be notified by email and they will be automatically added to your member list.


  • They will not be charged for a membership or count towards your member limit.

  1. You will need to first confirm their membership so that you can charge or Invoice the non-member. To do so, click on the red, 'Confirm/Reject' button next to the member name. Be sure to make the 'Requested Start Date' and 'Date of first recurring invoice' the same as the date that they created the booking. It is also important to make sure the 'Send prorated invoice on start date' box is unchecked.

2. Now you will be able to enter into their profile, add a payment method and charge them if you have set up Automated Payment methods or create an invoice to send them. To do this go to their Invoicing » Invoice Current Charges » Select Charges » Create Invoice.

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