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Products & Services allow you to pre-populate frequently charged fees and booking add-ons. You can manually add these to your member's profiles as one-time charges and your Resources for External Bookings, capturing valuable extra income.

This guide will cover:

How to Populate Products & Services

Pre-set frequently charged services under Setup » Products & Services. Click on 'Add Product/Service' and fill out the fields. Create one service charge per product type, such as food and beverage, cleaning fees, or even discounts.

In the form, you can populate:

  • The name of product

  • A Description

    • This will only appear to your External Bookings Visitors

  • Accounting Codes

  • Price
    You can indicate wether the price is per hour, per person, per item or fixed.
    For a credit, add a negative amount.

  • Custom Tax Rate (if activated under Setup » Basic » Payments)

How Products & Services Work for You Members

Now that you have populated your Products & Services, you can quickly add them as one-time charges to your member's profiles.

Go to Manage » Members » Click on the member name » Charges/Credits » Add Charge/Credit.

Your pre-populated Product & Service charges are listed in a handy drop-down. You can also create a new charge or credit in the form without adding them to your saved Product & Service charges.

The description will not appear on your member's invoice. Instead, it will just show the name of the service. The descriptions are only visible on your External Bookings form (see below).

To read more in detail on how the Charge/Credit feature works, click here.

How Products & Services Work for External Bookings Visitors

Booking Extras are currently only available for visitors to book via the Public Visitor (External Bookings) portal. If you would like to see this feature for your members, send us a message.

Products & Services can be populated as booking extras for your External Bookings Portal. When activated, these will appear to visitors as extra booking options to add to their booking. To read more on how External Bookings work, click here.

Once you have populated your Products & Services, you can activate them in your Resources. Go to Resources » Edit the Resource you wish to list your booking extras on » Available Extras.

If some of your Products & Services are for internal use only, leave the toggle off.

Make sure you save your changes!

When visitors book that Resource, they will see a nice breakdown of the extra services available to them.

Once they choose a date and time, they can quickly and easily choose their extras from the booking form. These are added and charged on their invoice once they complete the booking.


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