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Using Cobot's Charges/Credits feature allows you to do things like add one-time charges, credits, refunds, and one-time discounts.

This guide will cover:

One-time charges:

To issue a one-time charge for services, such as equipment rental or a cup of coffee, go to your member's profile » Charge/Credit » Add Charge/Credit.

Enter a description of the service, the amount, the quantity, and the date you would like the credit applied to the members billing. Leave it as the default date if you would like it applied to their next invoice. After you are done, click Charge/credit. The charge will then appear on the coworker's next invoice.

Pro Tip: Double-check the charge is applied correctly by going to the member's profile » Invoicing » Preview Next Invoice. You can always go back and edit it if you need to make changes.

One-time credits:

Adding credit is easy. Simply enter all the details described above, but a negative amount instead. This sum will then be deducted from the next invoice. This is useful if you wish to give your members a discount or if you wish to offset their next invoice if they paid in advance.


  • Credits are only applied once.

  • Credits do not carry over to the member's next invoice if the credit exceeds the member's next billable amount.

    • For example: if you apply a $100 credit and the members' next invoice comes to a total of $50, then the remaining $50 will not be applied automatically to the next invoice. You can accomplish this by adding multiple credits with future application dates.

Pre-populating Service Charges:

Service Charges have changed to Products & Services. Read more on how to set these up here.

You can pre-set frequently charged services under Setup » Service Charges, or click on the 'Service Charges' cog in the Charges/Credits form.

You can add things like food and beverage charges, referral discounts, deposit fees, and more!

Invoicing recently charged services in advance:

For an overview of charges recently made to a coworker (before they are invoiced), go to their member profile » Invoicing » Invoice Current Charges.

You will see a list of all upcoming Charges/Credits that have been manually added to the member's account. If you would like to invoice any of these before the member's next billing date, choose which services you would like to create an invoice for » Create Invoice.

Invoices created in this way will not be auto-charged, so you will need to manually process payment by clicking on 'charge now.'

Leaving the charges on the member account will automatically apply them to the member's next invoice or the invoice after the date you set.

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If you want them to pay right away, use a free-form invoice.


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