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Cobot automatically generates an invoice for your members once a month (or once every X number of months) for their membership fees, conference room charges, day passes, and any extra charges. In addition, you can create a free-form invoice at any time.

You can also raise an invoice based on the current charges of a member. For example, if someone booked a meeting room today, you can send an invoice for that at any time instead of having to wait until your member's next invoicing date.

To raise an invoice for current charges, go to the member's profile » Invoicing » Invoice Current Charges.

On the following page, you can select the charges you want to invoice.

After clicking Create Invoice you will be able to charge your member (if they have set up an automated payment method), and can email them a copy by clicking 'Send' at the top of the invoice.

'Invoice Current Charges' only applies to charges other than the membership fees. Membership fees are not possible to raise in advance of the member's next invoicing date.

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