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Cobot offers four basic analytics reports about your space. We also have a series of additional analytics add-ons.

The four basic reports are:

  1. Members

  2. Revenue

  3. Attendance

  4. Bookings

They can be found by clicking on Analyze in the side-bar menu to the left.

Members analytics

Clicking on Analyze » Members provides an overview of the monthly stats including average plan duration and recurring members v. time pass users. The visual distribution of members by plan is shown in a pie chart with a list per plan shown at the right with a comparison to last month in the center.

At the bottom of the page is a detailed view of changes to the plans including New Members, Up- & Downgrades, and Cancellations. These numbers will help you keep an overview of the activity in your space to know where you need to put your attention or when an advertising campaign was particularly successful!

How are the numbers calculated?

  • "Time pass users" are members on a plan that has no monthly price.

  • "Members" are members on a paid plan.

Cancellations shows you members that canceled in the selected month (not the cancellation date but the date they clicked the cancel button).

Revenue analytics

This 'Revenue' tab provides a quick overview of monthly stats related to revenue. The top pie chart shows the total revenue by source and includes a percentage change from the previous month.

Revenue is calculated based on invoices by due date. The payment status is ignored (accrual accounting), but written-off invoices are not taken into consideration.

The bottom pie chart shows only revenue by plan. This is particularly useful to see which plans are bringing in the most money.

The 'Projected Revenue' tab provides projections over the next three months. These are based on calculations of the expected payments from your members, including fees, purchased time passes, and bookings. All amounts excluding taxes.

How are the numbers calculated?

Revenue is calculated based on invoices by due date and is based on accrual accounting, meaning that the calculations include invoice amounts incurred before they have been paid by members.

Thus, the Analyze Revenue section in Cobot includes:

  • Paid invoices

  • Unpaid Invoices

Written off invoices are not included in the calculations and all amounts exclude taxes.

Note: when downloading line item invoice data for the same periods in our Analyze Revenue section, there is a column each to consider Amounts, Amounts with tax and Tax totals separately.

"Other" are invoices created manually or line items added to existing invoices manually.

Attendance analytics

The attendance analytics page allows you to see total attendance in the space by plan. This is especially accurate if you are using one of our wi-fi integrations. Of course if you are checking in your members using the member check-in add-on or if your day pass members are checking in manually, that data will also show up here.

At the bottom of the page you will also see a summary of average daily visits per plan.

How are the numbers calculated?

Attendance is based on check-ins in the space. Check-ins can be created either by checking in on Cobot or by using one of our access control integrations such as Wifi access, Kisi door access, etc.

“Visits in total” is the total number of check-ins. “Visiting members” is the number of members that checked in in the selected month.

Bookings analytics

This page gives you an overview for each of your resources for the number of bookings, number of members booking, average booking duration, total booking duration and a use to capacity.

This can help you determine if your resources are priced to sell or maybe need the cost reduced to get a higher capacity. Each resource is listed separately and the numbers take both capacity and availability into account.

How are the numbers calculated?

The "use to capacity" is based on a total 176h in a month (22x8h work days) multiplied by the given capacity of the resource.

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We have built a whole series of analytics add-ons to build out your system.

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