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Cobot is free for members. We charge coworking spaces a monthly fee depending on the total number of paying members they have. Check our subscription tiers here.

This guide will cover the following topics:

How We Define Members

In Cobot, we define a member as paying a fixed, recurring rate within their membership, as well as anyone attached to a paying account using the 'paid for by' feature.

  • For example: Say you have (1) 'company' that pays for (10) 'staff' in an office. Your total member count, in this case, would be 11.

    1 company + 10 staff = 11 members.

Those on a free plan, such as 'drop-in' members using Time Passes, visitors, or a person who's just using a meeting room once, are NOT counted toward your member count.

Other management tools may use wording like ”active users” to disguise the fact that they charge for anyone that interacts with the software. We only count paid, recurring members towards your subscription count, not so-called "active users." Cobot does not have any post-paid costs. That means:

  • There’s a conference in town and you get a surge of drop-ins one week? Doesn’t affect your subscription.

  • One of your members brings their friend and that friend buys a soda using one of your integrated payment methods? Doesn’t affect your subscription.

  • You activate External Bookings and a visitor books one of your meeting rooms? Doesn’t affect your subscription.

You get the idea. Cobot prices fairly and transparently.

We track these members for you in an easy-to-read chart so you will always have a clear idea of who counts toward your subscription fee and what you will be billed at the end of the month.

Pricing for Multiple Spaces/Locations

If you have two spaces/locations, we offer 15% off each account. With three or more spaces/locations, we offer 20% off each account.

Depending on your total number of members per location, you can sign up for a different subscription tier for each space.

Get in touch with us once you have registered a second account, and we will apply this discount for you.

Other Discounts

Non-Profit Discount

Cobot offers a 25% discount to non-profit spaces. Just sign up for our free trial and send our support team proof of your non-profit status to get the discount.

Annual Discount

Cobot offers 1 month free if you switch to annual billing. Get in touch with our support team, and we'll set this up for you.

Low and Lower Middle-Income Economies Discount

Cobot aims to support growth in spaces all over the world, no matter their size or location. This is why we offer to support anyone located in economies classified as low or lower middle income. To receive a discount, sign up for the free trial and send us an email with a link to your current pricing structure. We will then calculate a fair quote for you.

Limited Campaigns and Offers

We regularly run special offers on Cobot subscriptions in different regions around the world. If you wonder if any of these discounts apply to you, contact our support, and we'll check.

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