The Cobot to Slack integration via Zapier allows you to send notifications to your Slack channel(s) when an action occurs in Cobot.

If you are unsure what Zapier is or how it works, check out this guide first.

This guide will cover:

  1. Getting Started

  2. Setting up the Integration

  3. What Else Can You Do?

Getting Started

First, make sure you have the following accounts set up:

  1. A Slack account

  2. A Zapier account

  3. A Cobot account (trial or paid subscription)

Setting up the Integration

You can access the Cobot to Slack integration via Zapier a few different ways:

  1. Search for Cobot in Zapier

  2. Find Zapier in Cobot under the Add-ons tab in your admin portal

To make it even easier, just click on one of the shortcuts below to test one of our pre-configured options, and then click ‘Try It’:

  1. Log in to Cobot and Slack, and give Zapier permission to send data between Cobot and Slack.

  2. Choose your Cobot space and Slack channel(s) (if you have multiple) to ensure the data will be sent between the correct locations.

  3. Click on ‘Turn on Zap,’ and you are ready to roll!

It is good practice to test any zaps you have created. Head over to your Cobot Booking Calendar and make a test booking to watch the magic happen.

Here is an example of what a successful notification in Slack looks like:

What Else Can You Do?

Plenty! There are several possible actions.

Once you choose a new Zap, easy step-by-step instructions will walk you through the setup. To see what is available, check out Zapier’s Cobot + Slack integration page here.

Suggestions For Configuring Your Slack Space & Channels:

  1. We made our general chat the Coworkers’ Chat. We added private channels for staff where notifications for the rest of our apps are received.

  2. Make additional channels for specialty groups in your space (lunch meetup, programmers’ discussion, marketing, jobs).

    1. You can then set your Zapier integrations to post to specific channels, adding other items like Stripe, Wunderlist, Google, etc.

  3. Change the amount of information received: for example, the #general channel can get a basic message when a new member joins, and the #space-managers channel can get the details of their plan, start date, and a to-do checklist from Trello.

If you come up with some unique uses of Slack with Cobot, let us know so we can share!

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