With just a few easy steps you can invite your new members in Cobot to join your Slack community:

  1. Generate an invite link in Slack

  2. Add this invite link to your Cobot welcome message or Cobot membership confirmation email

When members signup in Cobot, they can click the link in the email or welcome message to register with your Slack channel. Easy!

What if I want to fully automate this process?

Since May 2020, Slack has changed their policy and only allow those on an Enterprise Plan to automate this process. This means any new members registered in Cobot would automatically receive an email with an invitation to join your Slack Workspace.

If this applies to you, send us an email to support@cobot.me and we would be happy to help you get this up and running.

How Can I See If A Member Was Invited To My Space's Slack Team?

If you installed the Cobot + Slack integration prior to May 2020, then this guide is for you! If not, then check out how to send new members a link to your Slack channel here.

To check if a new member added to Cobot also received an invitation to Slack:

1. Sign in to Slack

2. Navigate to your Workspace Settings

3. Click on 'Menu > Invitations'

4. You will be directed to the 'Pending Invitations' list; see if the members email is there

5. If not, double check the 'Accepted Invitations' list just to be sure

6. If you cannot find their email, then they were not sent an invitation

7. You will now need to manually send them the invitation by clicking on 'Invite People'

What if My Member Still Can't Find Their Invitation?

  • If the members email is on the Pending List but your member says they did not receive it, resend it

  • If they STILL have not received it, have them check their spam folder

Next Step

Want to send newsletters to your community? Check out our MailChimp integration for email communication with your members.

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