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Zapier is a great tool to push your Cobot data to other tools automatically.

By setting up a 'Zap' between Cobot and commonly used apps, such as Salesforce, new member information in Cobot will be automatically pushed to Salesforce, saving you valuable time and energy!

This guide will cover:

Getting Started

  1. Register for a Zapier account

  2. Within your Zapier account, connect Cobot by going to My Apps and searching for Cobot

3. You will then be requested by us to approve access; click 'Approve'

4. Name the account

  • This is so you can keep track if you have multiple Cobot email addresses connected with Zapier. It doesn't affect anything in Cobot, so name it anything you like.

You can now create 'Zaps' which will send data from Cobot to other apps. You can do this directly from Zapier or from your Cobot account.

You can also access the integration in Cobot under Add-ons » Available Add-ons » Zapier.

Data You Can Send From Cobot

You can trigger data to be sent from Cobot to other applications when:

  • A membership is confirmed

  • A membership is canceled

  • A membership cancellation is changed

  • A new booking is made

  • A membership plan is changed

Applications You Can Integrate With

More applications are constantly being added, but some key connections with Cobot are:

  • CRM systems (Salesforce, Capsule, Hubspot, Highrise)

  • Digital Document Signing (HelloSign, helloSign, Knack)

  • Email Marketing (Mailchimp, Gmail, Direct Email)

  • Instant Messaging (Slack, Hipchat, SMS)

  • Project Management (Trello, Podio, Smartsheet)

  • Surveys (Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo)

  • Accounting (QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, Zoho Books)

For a complete list, check out all of Cobot's integrations via Zapier.

When coming up with creative solutions for your space, refer to the list of available fields for Zapier triggers to see possible with integrated apps.

Sharing Zaps

Zaps can be shared and used as they are or altered to work with different apps.

Here is a Zap that Mark Eaton of Corner Coworking has shared. Each time a new invoice is created, it will push invoice data from Cobot to QuickBooks, so you no longer need to manually transpose this data.

All creative solutions are unique, but you can reach out to our support team for guidance if you need help configuring this Zap.

Do you have a Zap you would like to share with the community? Let us know, and we would be happy to add it to our guide.

For more tips and tricks on how to optimize Zapier, check out their Tips & Tricks page.

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