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You can use Cobot as a basic CRM (Custom Relationship Management) to do things like tracking leads, but if you would like a more robust system, or already use a CRM that you love, then our Zapier integration can help with this.

This guide will cover:

How It Works

With the Zapier integration, members added to Cobot will also be added directly into the CRM of your choice. Saving you the time and energy of having to add them to multiple systems.

Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  • A member is added to Cobot

  • The Zap sends the member data to your CRM

  • When they are leads - your CRM holds the data

  • When they are members - Cobot has the information

  • When they leave, their data goes back to your CRM

The Cobot Zapier integration is currently a one-way street. Cobot can send but not receive information.

Setting up the Integration

  1. Register for a Zapier account

  2. Within your Zapier account, connect Cobot by going to My Apps and searching for Cobot.

  3. OR, connect through Cobot under Add-ons » Available Add-ons » Zapier. Check out this guide for more details.

From there, search for your CRM and get connected!

Once you have done this, choose which action you want your Zap to happen for. All of the setups will be done via your Zapier dashboard, and they provide simple step-by-step instructions. It really is that easy.

💡PRO TIP: Add multiple zaps to streamline the integration, like updating your Salesforce record once a member is cancelled in Cobot. The possibilities are endless!

Available CRM Integrations

Different CRM's allow you to set up various actions or Zaps. The best way to look around is to head over to Zapier and scroll through their over 600 CRM apps that connect with Cobot.

Here are their top 10:

If you don't see your favorite CRM, reach out to Zapier's Help Desk and make a request.

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