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Why Isn't This Set Up For Me?

Unfortunately, Zapier hasn't yet enabled pre-setting multi-level integrations, but we can at least give you a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Get Started

We will be creating the following 3-step integration:

3. Begin a Cobot integration.

4. Connect your Cobot account and select your space.

Step 2: Search For The Salesforce Contact

1. Choose show less common options under Search.

2. Select "Find a Contact".

3. Now you can choose which field to search by. We recommend using email, as that is least likely to change, so set the search value as your member's email address with which they have registered in Cobot.

4. Check the box Create Salesforce contact if it doesn't exist yet? to ensure that a cancelled member will always be added to Salesforce.

5. Fill in all the fields based on your Cobot information.

6. We recommend that you set up a "cancelled members" account in Salesforce for tracking.

Step 3: Update The Salesforce Contact

  1. Next, click to add another step.

  2. Choose Salesforce again.

  3. Select show less common options under create.

  4. Select update a contact.

  5. Under ID, select use a custom value.

  6. For the custom value, scroll down until you see Salesforce find a contact, and choose the ID.

7. Under "account," we recommend using a separate account especially for cancelled members. Set this up first in Salesforce so it appears in the list.

8. Now you're ready to fill in the rest of the fields. Make sure to always choose the values from Step 1: Cobot. This is important to get the Cobot fields, so that you collect any updated information while they were members of your space.

9. When all the information has been added, you're ready to turn on your Integration and get started.

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