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Cobot offers a number of add-ons to expand the functionality of the analytics. These are free to use and easy to install. You can find these by logging into the admin side of your account » Add-ons » Available Add-ons » Reporting. Just click on 'Install Add-on' next to the one you would like to use and you will be redirected to the page.

To remove them, go to Add-ons » Manage Add-ons. You can rename the add-on or remove it from this page.

Here is a full list of our additional analytics reporting features:

1. Charges

Create a list with all your space's charges and credits per month.

2. Member Cancellations

Shows a list of cancellations by month plus a CSV file download.

3. Member Engagement

Shows the check-ins for every member in a list.

4. Member Extras

Lists every member of the space and which extras they have booked.

5. Member's Plans Over Time

Shows the plans with length of membership for each active member.

6. Members Due

Shows a list of members whose invoices are due in the next 30 days.

7. Members Not Paid

Lists all members and whether they have paid all their invoices.

8. Members' Last Check-ins

Lists the last check-in date for each member of your space.

9. New Members

Shows a list of new members by month plus a CSV file download.

10. Plan Changes

Lists the plan changes of all members in a space.

11. Plans Over Time

Shows a table with the number of members and their plans over time.

12. Rent Roll

Shows a spreadsheet of members who have paid/not paid by month.

13. Unused Time Passes

Shows how many time passes each member has left.

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