Cobot allows you to send emails to either a single member, a group of members, or all members. Just click on their email address displayed below their billing address.

How To Send Bulk Emails Within Cobot

If you need to communicate to all (or a large group) of your members - things like plan updates, changing prices or new opening/closing hours for example - Cobot can send bulk emails to these members.

Here's how:

1. Go to Manage » Members.

2. You can email an entire member list, such as everyone on your 'Canceled Members' list, or, you can use the 'Search' filter to create a specific email list. You can type things like the name of a member, plan, company, or a confirmation status.

3. You will see the number beside the 'Send Email to List' button will adjust based on your filtering. When you're ready to email, just click that button.

4. Now you have a screen to compose your email. You can remove any extra email addresses with a single click. Select the text to see the formatting options that pop up.

5. When your email is ready, click the Send Email button!

How To Send Individual Emails Within Cobot

Anywhere you see an email address, you can click on it to go directly to the email composer. For example, going to someone's member profile and clicking on their email address will display the same email composer described above.

When Can I Email From Cobot?

Cobot's built-in email feature is designed to only be used for sending short, transactional emails. These are emails that have been written for a specific person or group of people on a non-recurring basis. Cobot is not meant for Newsletters or longer format emails.

What is allowed

  • personalized welcome emails

  • personalized notifications, e.g. for mail/package delivery, guests, billing adjustments, etc.

  • Cobot-related communication, e.g. plan updates, changing prices of resources, etc.

What is not allowed

  • newsletters

  • marketing emails sent to many people at onceHow To Send Bulk Emails

We recommend Mailchimp for sending newsletters and other marketing materials. They make sure your emails get delivered, plus they allow you to track the success of your email campaigns. We have a Mailchimp add-on that immediately adds your members to a MailChimp mailing list. Check it out under Add-ons » Mailchimp Newsletters.

Once your members are in MailChimp, you can send targeted emails and newsletters based on their plans or sign-up date. You can read the details in this guide.

If you see an error message like "Can't send emails to ," it means that Cobot tried to send an email to that address but received an error. After the problem is fixed, we will need to manually enable your address again, so please contact support.

Next Step

Setting up Slack as a communication platform for your space.

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