Cobot automates the task of invoicing your coworkers for their membership, booked resources, extra time passes and other types of charges. When enabled, we send each of your coworkers an email with a detailed invoice at the end of their billing periods.

This guide will cover:

  1. What happens when an invoice is generated

  2. Manual Payment Tracking

  3. Editing & Deleting Existing Invoices

When an invoice is generated, Cobot will:

  1. Send an email with the .pdf of the invoice to the member (if the member has an email address on file).

  2. Try to charge the payment method on file.

  3. Mark it as paid if the automated payment went through correctly.

  4. Notify the member by email if it failed.

  5. Try to charge the member two additional times (on consecutive days).

  6. Notify the admin and member if it failed a third time, and stop auto-charging. (If you want to be notified for the first and second time the payment has failed, turn on additional notifications. You can do this by adding the free 'Notifications' add-on under Add-ons » Notifications » Install Add-on.)

Membership fees are charged one month in advance. If coworkers wish to buy extra time or day passes in addition to the time already included in their membership plan, they pay for those with the very next invoice (for details, see the guide on time passes. Similarly, other resources and services booked during the month are charged with the invoice following their use.

If you make use of credit card or PayPal payments, the payment status of the invoices is tracked automatically (see the guide on credit cards and direct debit. However, you can also track payments manually.

Manual Payment Tracking

To track payments manually, go to the invoice overview.

Hover over the invoice to see more actions, such as recording a payment, or writing the invoice off.

Click Record Payment. A small dialog will pop up, allowing you to record the date of payment and add a comment.

Click the Save Payment Record button. The general invoice overview will now display the invoice as 'paid'. You can also record partial payments.

Editing & Deleting Existing Invoices

You can edit or delete an invoice by going to Manage » Invoices and clicking on 'Edit' from the invoice menu. Check out this guide for more details.

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